What we wish we'd known about how to be a nappy pro

Just as an FYI, you should know that this post is sponsored by Aldi Mamia Nappies. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

Getting Ready

  • Have all necessities within arms’ reach. These include nappies, nappy wipes, a clean cloth nappy and a covered bin/nappy pail.
  • Never leave baby unattended and keep one hand on your baby at all times.


Get Started

  • Undo your baby’s nappy. Fold back the adhesive tab onto itself so it doesn’t stick to baby.
  • If you have a boy, place a disposable or clothnappy over his penis so you avoid getting accidentally sprayed.


Be sure the nappy is snug, but not pinching your baby's delicate skin.

Cleaning Up

  • If your baby had a bowel movement, gently wipe off as much as you can with the nappy itself, wiping front to back.
  • Fold the dirty nappy in half, dirty side in, so your baby is lying on the clean part.
  • Use a baby wipe to clean your baby's bottom thoroughly, paying attention to all the little folds. Again, wipe only front to back. Lift both of his legs so you can get all areas that might be soiled.
  • Remove the soiled nappy, tape into a bundle and dispose.


Now, You're Ready to Nappy

  • Swap a clean nappy for the dirty one, placing taped sides under baby's bottom.
  • If you have a baby boy, make sure his penis is pointing down.
  • Pull up the nappy and fasten both sides with the tape. Be sure the nappy is snug, but not pinching your baby's delicate skin.


Here are the tips you need to become a nappy pro.

Fine Tuning

  • If you have a newborn, fold the nappy below the umbilical cord, if necessary, so it stays dry.
  • If your son is not circumcised, don't pull the foreskin back.