Wippa announces his baby boy's name.

It’s quite a mouthful.

Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli and his wife, Lisa welcomed their first child in to the world on the weekend.

And now they’ve given us a name with this gorgeous photo of the bub…

The gorgeous baby.

The caption was (and here's the name), "Hi guys, sorry I'm late. Theodore George Jack Wipfli is my name but please, call me Ted. It's a pleasure to be here, I love what you've done with the place. First question... Do they all have milk?" @lisawipfli#tinybeansmoment

Ted's as funny as his dad. And is already dressing the same as him...

Too cute! Image via @wippa1 Instagram

The Wipfli's announced that their baby boy was born on Friday 6 February, seven days late after Lisa went into hospital on Thursday to be induced into giving birth.

Wippa revealed the gender of his first child to his 32.2k followers on Twitter on Saturday. Image via Twitter.

The couple first announced that they were pregnant on the Fitzy and Wippa show in July last year.

The baby was born seven days late after Lisa went into hospital to be induced on Thursday. Via Instagram.

In early January Wipfli told the The Daily Telegraph that he might ask Russell Crowe to be the godfather of his baby (but that was a joke).

He also told the publication (on a more serious note) that he was, “decking out” the nursery and the pair went to a birth class.

The nursery is looking good.

“It’s just been a combination of trying to get everything ready for the baby ... I’ve been told I’m not allowed to drink too much in case we have to drive to the hospital, we have a go bag in the back of the car, which has everything we need. I have towels in the front seat, because if the water breaks, apparently it ruins the leather which I’d heard ...” Wippa told The Daily Telegraph.

Well Wippa, we're just excited that you and Lisa have brought a little Wipfli in to the world.

Congratulations again.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see the Wipfli's preparing for baby no. 1...

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