'I'm a mum of 4 tweens. Here's our very comprehensive shopping list for this season.'

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Winter is here, and that means colder weather and even warmer clothes. Yep, you bet I'm immediately adding shopping to my to-do list. 

We’re super lucky to have a Westfield centre just five minutes down the road, and we’re even luckier that with all the options they provide, my tweens get super excited about winter shopping and that makes it so much more fun.  

I love that these lil' shopping trips have given my kids the chance to form their own fashion identities, and that’s something so special. 

I'm a mum of six kids (that's right!) and we have two boys and two girls in that tween age bracket – all with their own specific individual tastes. Not one is the same and that’s the way we like it.

Image: Supplied.

On these shopping trips, though, I've come to understand that clothing purchases always fall into one of two categories: the seasonal 'needs' — you know, the basics we all need to get through those chilly months — and then there's the seasonal 'wants', the stuff that our tweens can definitely live without but will spend the next three months nagging us to get.

We usually strike a balance between the two. Compromise is important when shopping with your tween because you want to make sure they're dressed warmly enough (and not completely freezing their butts off), but also feel like they're expressing their individual identity. 

So, to help you — and the tweens under your roof — get a little inspired, I've put together a list of the pieces of winter clothing we're eyeing off this season.


For rainy days at home.

Tween Tech Sweats Trackie

Bonds trackpants are one of my favourite winter items and the kids can pick from a variety of funky colours. They are fitted and comfortable, and therefore, easy to run around in.

They're perfect for rainy days in, spending hours on the couch binging movies. They've also seen my kids through quite a few school camps. 

Image: Bonds.

Bonds Home Socks

There's nothing better than a pair of fluffy bed socks during autumn and winter. I repeat, nothing.

Curling up with a bowl of soup, some Harry Potter and fairy lights while wearing these bad boys — lucky kids! I especially love Bonds socks as I know they're comfy but also made from quality and durable fabrics that last the distance (read: plenty of running around the house). 

Image: Bonds.


For winter days out.

Check Fur Coat Pink

Image: Myer.

Yes, faux fur coats, jackets and vests are back, and I simply cannot adequately express how happy this makes me feel.

My twin girls especially love this trend, with one eyeing off this beautiful pink check coat while the other one is loving this beautiful mint coloured coat from Myer. 

Image: Myer.


Arched Drifter Pants Denim

Image: Myer.

The softest jeans known to man. Yep, they're that good. 

My boys love these Indie Kids jeans from Myer... which isn't exactly surprising since they love most things from Indie Kids.

Their clothes last a long time, they wash well and they focus on not only how good they look but durability and comfortability for active boys.  

Girls Chunky Boot

Winter boots are one of my favourite buys and my tweens are seriously digging these lace-up boots from Best & Less.

White boots are especially popular this season so we were so happy to find these ones for only $25 — an absolute steal.

The neutral colour is also great and will be so easy to switch up the laces as the style of my tweens evolve.


Image: Best & Less.

Girls Active Bomber Jacket

My girls absolutely love this vintage looking bomber jacket. The pops of colour are perfect to brighten up the winter season.

Image: Best & Less.


For winter adventuring. 

Teen Recycled Polyester Logo Puffer

These are a must have for the coldest months of the year, whether you need to keep warm during Saturday morning sport or keep toasty on Sunday hikes.

My twins are especially in love with this one from Country Road — they adore the logo on the side as it gives it a bit of edge. 

Pro tip: Always size up when it comes to jackets to make sure there's plenty of room for lots of layers.

Image: Country Road.

Verified Australian Cotton Heritage Sweat

There is such a great choice of jumpers from Bonds and Myer, but our artistic 8-year-old couldn’t go past the new leopard print jumper from Country Road.

And who can blame her? It’s gorgeous. 

All eight of us have one of these iconic CR jumpers and not one is coloured or patterned the same. We love the variety.

Image: Country Road.


For winter nights. 

Girls Pastel Check Gown

Peter Alexander always has me swooning. And a dressing gown in winter is a non-negotiable.

My kids have all outgrown theirs, so it's time for an upgrade. This Pastel Check Gown is absolutely stunning and is so damn soft. 

Image: Peter Alexander.

Choosing strong, long-lasting pieces will see you build a wardrobe that will last. Having a good mix of neutral colours for basics and pops of colours to make a statement are the perfect way to make sure your kids' wardrobe is functional, but also shows their personality. 

Stock up on all your winter essentials at Westfield. Find your happy place and embrace the now by visiting your local centre today.

Feature Image: Myer/Country Road/Mamamia.

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