Dress your kids in clothes that'll go the distance this winter.

Thanks to our brand partner, Kmart

We all never thought winter was coming.

We thought the endless summer would continue. Day in day out. Shorts and tees. Sandals.

Last season’s woolies stayed in the back of the cupboard didn’t they? My four-year-old daughter has been living in a tiered rainbow skirt and a printed t-shirt.

We were growing complacent.

But as sure as little girls want new clothes winter came with a very chilly force and we needed a winter wardrobe that would last the distance and withstand the school holiday chaos. And it would be perfect if some of the pieces would last into the spring.

The cord pinafore by Kmart doesn't just fill this requirement but is smart enough to wear out for pizza after. Image supplied.

It also had to appeal to a four-year-old going on fourteen.

Now that’s the trick isn’t it? My daughter and I have different tastes when it comes to fashion. What she sees as pink-princess-heaven I see as frou frou to the extreme.

But this four-year-old isn’t going to take what her mum decides is fashionable, she wants to make her own decisions.

Luckily there are quite a few items from Kmart that appeal to not just Miss Four but her mother too.

So off we set and this is what we came up with:

Girls cord pinafore:

With two big brothers, for these school holidays my daughter needs a dress that can withstand anything from climbing trees to playing soccer to running full force up the slippery dip at the park and then home again to entertain three stuffed rabbits and a mermaid for a tea party.


The cord pinafore by Kmart not just fills this requirement but is smart enough to wear out for pizza after.

The pockets are just the right size for a collection of tiny dolls or dinosaurs depending on what mood your little girl is in. It’s one of those versatile pieces that goes with just about anything. Layered with a parka, a pair of tights or leggings and whatever colour palate takes your fancy that day.


  "My daughter needs a dress that can withstand anything from climbing trees to playing soccer." Image: Kmart.

Girls Long Sleeve Yardage Tee:

A long sleeve tee is an essential winter wardrobe piece, layered with a printed zip hoodie, a parka or a chunky cardigan your little girl will be warm and fashionable.

Kmart’s long sleeve tees at only $5 are not just a bit of a bargain but will appeal to kids ‘cause they look good and for mums, ‘cause they’ll keep kids warm. And teamed with that cord pinafore – gorgeous.

Girls plain legging:

My daughter is a bit of a fusspot when it comes to what is on her legs. Her leggings have to fit just right, not too loose, not too tight and they have to sit comfy on her waistband. That’s why these leggings from Kmart are just the ticket.

The Kmart legging works perfectly with the cord pinafore or is a great way to bring summer skirts into winter by adding that extra layer of warmth.


A hi top shoe with white leggings is very on trend. Image: Kmart.

Kids’ Hi top canvas:

If my daughter could go bare foot all day long she would, so these school holidays I need a pair of shoes she will happily trade her bare feet for.

These canvas hi tops are not just on trend with their fun urban print but they are versatile too. Together with the cord pinafore, leggings and a fun long sleeve tee it’s an easy way to update my daughter’s winter look.

A headband or hair clips:

Lots of little girls love accessories and a cute headband or a few sparkly hair clips are a great way to update my daughter’s wardrobe and add a bit of fun. She would wear the whole lot at once if she could.

So winter wardrobe sorted – now just to get through the school holidays.


What are some staple items in your child's winter wardrobe?