Nope. Kids in Winnie the Pooh costumes should not be dancing like this.

The dancers are only children. But their choreographed moves are so vulgar the dance school is now being investigated.

Officials are investigating a Russian dance school over shockingly suggestive choreography in a video that’s going viral.

In the video, teenage girls perform a Winnie The Pooh-themed dance routine while dressed as bees, flanked by the Soviet adaptation of the beloved honey-loving bear. And while that all sounds innocent enough, the dance moves are anything but.

A still from the video, which begins with a version of Winnie the Pooh searching for honey. (Screenshot: YouTube)

Throughout the two-minute routine, the teenage girls “twerk” with their backs turned to the audience, grind against the floor, and rip off their skirts.

That video was posted online on Monday and has already been watched more than five million times —  drawing the attention of local authorities and sparking a full-blown national scandal.

A still from the video, which has sparked an investigation (Screenshot: YouTube)

Buzzfeed reports authorities in the town of Orenburg are now conducting two separate investigations into the dance school, with officials from the country’s Investigative Committee telling the Interfax news agency they were considering charges of negligence and “perverted deeds” against the dance studio and the venue, as well as unnamed public officials.

Charges of “perverted deeds” charges are usually reserved for people suspected of performing sexual acts on minors, Yahoo!7 News reports.

Russia’s general prosecutor’s office is conducting its own investigation, saying in a statement: “In order to avoid possible negative consequences for the children’s psyche, the provincial prosecutor’s office stressed the need for investigators to do everything possible to defend children from spreading information that denigrates their dignity and honor.”

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Social media users have Tweeted their outrage over the routine — but the dance studio’s director, Viktoria Yakovenko, told local Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper the girls all had their parents’ permission to participate.

She added that the internet featured many more offensive videos.

“Just go on the internet, you’ll find much more explicit dances there, believe me,” Ms Yakovenko said.

What are your thoughts on the routine?

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