The compelling theory that explains why Matty J posted such a bizarre photo on the weekend.

Matty J posted a photo on Sunday evening with his arm draped around his “biggest fan”. His mum, Ellie Johnson.

The teacher gazes up at her boy adoringly, he grins, Sydney harbour sparkles in the background.

But somethin’ ain’t right.

The Harbour Bridge is chopped in half on one side of the frame and the 30-year-old’s shoulder disappears out the other.

It’s either the most poorly framed Instagram photo the social media savvy Bach has ever taken in his public life or…OR…

Sunday spent hanging out with my biggest fan

A post shared by Matty J (@matthewdavidjohnson) on Aug 5, 2017 at 10:49pm PDT


He’s cropped someone out.

‘Someone’ being a woman.

A woman who won The Bachelor.

The advertising exec’s followers certainly had their suspicions.

“Can’t believe he cropped Laura out!” one wrote, referring to the bookies’ favourite. “I doubt she could ever take a bad photo.”

“He’s cropped out Laura to the left,” agreed another.

Matty J and Laura did share the season’s first kiss (for a recap see here) and they do seem pretty keen on each other given they met on telly while he was also dating several other women.

But my money’s on Clare J:

Video by Mamamia