Win a Philips iron. You know you want one.

Extreme ironers – there really is such a sport!

UPDATE: Well done to our winner Claudia with 22 votes on this comment

My husband is the ironer of the family.

I like me a nicely ironed pair of jeans though, is that weird?

I mentioned once at work about how well my husband irons jeans, and it
was met with great mirth. Everyone thought it was very weird that I
got my jeans ironed, apparently they ‘iron themselves’.

Someone even said to me ‘oh what have you got an asthmatic puffer you
want to stick in your pocket too?’.

Actually, it was safely tucked away in my bag ;-)

Well done Claudia.

Welcome to a sponsored post from Phllips. Lana writes:

I am not afraid to tell you that I am an ironer.  I like to iron, or rather I like the results of having ironed.

I think it may be a genetic thing – once when my mother was visiting she watched and chatted to me as I ironed.  I finished the t-shirts, the linen, the jeans and the shirts (yes I iron all those things) and when I started to pack away she looked at me aghast – “why aren’t you ironing the undies and the socks ?” she asked in a GENUINE tone of surprise.  Before I had time to even begin to explain that no-one irons underwear she grabbed the iron from me and said “you have it out – you might as well use it.”  Really my mother is that much of an ironing freak.

The world can be divided into ironers and non-ironers. There are some people who genuinely don’t like to iron, they don’t see the need for straight clothes  (or they haven’t found the right iron and technique), there are others who think that ironing is unnecessary – creases are part of the look and if you fold your clothes just so after they come off the line and have had 13 minutes on a moderate heat in the tumble dryer they look “fine” (I speak in this much detail as people have tried to dissuade me from ironing for years – it has never worked).

Then there is my family and some other people who cannot sleep if their linen is not ironed and cannot get dressed in the morning if their clothes are not folded on the ironed seam.

I think that ironers and non-ironers even have some differences in their shopping techniques.*

The ironer will assess the garment on how easy it is to iron – will it fit on the ironing board? Will you need a needle nosed iron to get the collar right?   The non-ironer will look at the garment and try to imagine what level of crease would be frowned on by their peers and friends.

The ironer looks at new linen and tries to imagine that the fitted sheet will be easy to iron.  They look for plain, simple coloured linen to show off the affect of their ironing.  The non-ironer looks for floral patterns and busy fabrics – hoping that the creases will be lost in the chaos of the design.


The ironer looks at shirts as a challenge – will they be able to maintain the starched collar, the neat cuffs, the vertical stripes, the tiny tricky parts around the buttons? The non-ironer looks at the label inside the shirt and if it says drip dry they buy it.

Are you an ironer or a non-ironer? Could you be persuaded to iron more with the Philips GC8560? The Mamamia team were sent one of these irons and let me tell you – this is one awesome iron. Rick wanted to take it home and keep it next to his bed as an art installation – it is amazing even to look at it. It has a really fancy pants inbuilt system that produces continuous steam with high pressure – sounds complicated ? It’s not.  Basically there is this huge detachable water tank that you can refill at anytime and it creates a LOT of steam, the steam is released at a high pressure so it penetrates the fabric really deep into the fibres (you can even iron folded stuff and it whooshkas the steam right through the layers).  It is a breeze to use and the results are well, they are straight out of a high end fashion boutique (see what I did with the word “straight” there? It’s all the extra time I have since ironing became so much easier).

If you are in need of a snazzy new Philips iron (and I bet you are because a good iron really does make the world of difference) you could win another iron in the amazing Philips range – the Philips Azur Ionic Steam Iron.  This lightweight steam iron valued at $159.95 has steam slots in the tip to reach right into the smallest and most difficult spots for the best ironing results.  It also has the optimal balance between sliding and stretching so ironing becomes effortless – you don’t get all that pull me push me stuff that traditional irons can deliver.

All you have to do to to win  the Philips Azure Ionic Steam Iron is explain your ironing or non-ironing rationale.  Do you iron? Do you love it? Are you a non-ironer? What makes you decide? Is it the time it takes or the effort it requires?

The comment with the most thumbs up will win.  Competition closes on 5pm AEST Friday 29th April.

*based on no research at all but some determined thoughts made whilst ironing a hamper full of shirts.

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