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1. Search for William Tyrell scaled back

The search for William to be scaled back. (Photo: NSW Police)
The search for William to be scaled back. (Photo: NSW Police)





NSW police have said that the search for three-year old William Tyrell will be scaled back.

Today marks day seven of the search for the little boy who went missing last Friday at 10.30am from his grandparent’s home in Kendall.

Superintendent Paul Fehon said it was now a search rather than a rescue operation. He said if William had wandered into the bush he was unlikely to still be alive.


“The experts cannot substantiate that survival in the bush would be there at this point in time,” he said.

Police have formed Strike Force Rosann – which will look into known sex offenders in the area, as they still cannot rule out abduction.

Yesterday they revealed they had followed a lead from shop owners in Kendall who had reported someone had asked for directions to the street where he went missing.

2. Boys still missing

Jayden and Joseph Brady aged 14 and 11.

The search for two missing brothers on the far north coast of NSW continues as police report they came close to finding them yesterday – but the boys ran off in thick scrubland near Byron Bay.

Jayden and Joseph Brady, aged 14 and 11, were allegedly abducted by their father in Tweed Heads early on Sunday morning.

There are now disturbing rumours that there may a cult involved in hiding the boys.

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3. Troops leave today

600 military personnel will today leave for their role in fighting the Islamic State in Iraq.

The Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be on hand to farewell the troops.

4.  Terror raids

In breaking news this morning, terror raids are being conducted across Western Sydney and in Brisbane by AFP officers.

Over 600 police have been involved in the raids with a number of arrests made. Nine News are reporting that it is believed the suspects were planning a series of attacks in Australia.

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5. Adelaide Show victim

Adelene Leong : “My lovely beautiful … wonderful little angel of my heart”

Police have released a photo of the 8-year old girl who tragically died at the Royal Adelaide Show on Friday.


Adelene Leong was holidays with her family from Malaysia. She was taken to hospital with critical injuries but died in hospital.

South Australia police have released a photo of Adelene hoping new witnesses will come forward.

“In particular we are keen to hear from anyone who may have taken photographs or video footage of the ride involved – the Airmaxx 360 – in action at the Showgrounds on Friday,” Chief Inspector Selena Dinning, from the Sturt Local Service Area, said.

“We are also keen to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time of this tragic incident or anyone who experienced anything unusual on the ride. Even a small detail may be the crucial information which leads to a clear understanding of what took place.”

The Daily Mail reports that the Chief Inspector also said that Adelene’s mother had described her daughter as “my lovely beautiful … wonderful little angel of my heart”.

6. Gammy’s father wanted to leave him at a temple


Gammy’s father wanted to leave him at the temple.

The ABC has uncovered fresh evidence regarding baby Gammy’s biological father.

7.30 reported last night that Gammy ‘s father suggested to the surrogacy agency that they leave him outside a Thai temple.

The program spoke with a former worker at the agency who said that David Farnell, Gammy’s father said, “There is a normal one, can I take the normal one?” and “‘Can you leave the abnormal one at the temple? Can you leave him in Bangkok? Nobody will know about this”

7.30 also reported that Gammy was offered to another Australian couple as the surrogacy agency tried to work out what to do with him.


The ABC reports that they had seen an email from an unknown person sent to a Thailand Surrogacy employee discussing the possibility of a late term abortion. “Mr Farnell has previously denied the claim he wanted the child aborted. The email discusses the possibility of a late-term abortion and names a doctor in Bangkok who would perform the procedure for about 20,000 Thai baht ($700).”

7. Eight-month old baby lay beside dead mother for days

There are reports that an eight-month old baby lay beside his dead mother for days, after police found the lifeless body of his mother in the Wollongong house on Tuesday.

He was rushed to hospital where The Daily Mail reports his condition has improved.

The mother’s death is not being treated as suspicious.

8. Kiesha’s stepfather appeals

Warning: This item deals with serious child abuse and may be distressing.

Robert Smith, the stepfather of six-year-old Kiesha Weippeart who left the little girl to die after she was bashed by her mother has asked a court for a reduced sentence on the grounds that he helped police.

Kiesha was murdered by her mother Kristi Abrahams on July 13, 2011, by means of blunt force head trauma, following years of physical abuse.

During prosecution the court heard that Abrahams and Smith left Kiesha to die and did not provide any medical assistance or call an ambulance. Smith then doused her body in petrol, set her alight and buried her.

He was sentenced to at least 12 years in jail for manslaughter and accessory to murder.

Fairfax Media reports that Smith has appealed the severity of the sentence, claiming he was entitled to a “substantial discount” because of his offers of assistance to police.


9. Bus basher’s letter to elderly victim

Gold Coast woman Larna Watmough has been given a suspended sentence after bashing an elderly man on a Gold Coast bus.

21-year-old Watmough and 17-year old Layni Cameron racially abused and attacked Paul Buttigieg on a Gold Coast bus.

News Limited report that Watmough was yesterday given two months jail but the sentence was wholly suspended for 18 months.

She was also ordered to pay $500 compensation and given 12 months’ probation for the public nuisance charge.

News Limited have revealed that she wrote a letter of apology to Buttigieg saying she is usually the first person to help the elderly.

He has responded saying he hates the two women.

“I don’t want to see them ever again.” He said.

The disturbing attack was captured on video.

10. Scotts vote for Independence

Today is the day that 4 million Scottish people vote for or against their independence. Polls show that the gap between the yes and no camps is just two percentage points.

There are reports that a yes vote could affect Australia.

News Limited report that Westpac chief currency strategist Richard Holden has said a yes vote would create uncertainty and could see the Australian dollar rise 10 to 20% against the pound.

“The biggest Australian exports to the UK are gold, coal, lead and alcoholic beverages, like wine – those would be the ones most likely to be affected.” He said


A weak pound would also have implications for our tourism industry making trips to Australia for British tourists more expensive.

11. PM supports medical marijuana.

The PM supports medical marajuana.

The Prime Minister has said in a letter to broadcaster Alan Jones that he supports the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Following NSW Premier Mike Baird’s announcement that there will be a clinical trial in that state to test the drugs’ use in pain relief.

Tony Abbott said in his letter “I have no problem with the medical use of cannabis just as I have no problem with the medical use of opiates.”

“If a drug is needed for a valid medicinal purpose though, and is being administered safely, there should be no question of its legality. And if a drug that is proven to be safe abroad is needed here, it should be available.

12. The moment this Aussie teenager comes out to his mother.

An amazing moment when a teenager boy comes out to his mother is going viral.

The boy, Hayden Smith, recorded the momentous occasion when he came out to his mother and was stunned when she revealed she too had been in a same-sex relationship.

“That’s very brave of you to tell me that. Thank you for telling me,” his mother says

“Can I tell you something too?” she asks her son.

“I’ve had a girlfriend.”

Her revelation is met with stunned silence by Hayden.

13. Woman sues ex-boyfriend for “violating her right to virginity”

A woman has sued a man for “violating her right to virginity” after he wooed her while he was secretly married.

The Chinese woman, surnamed Chen, sued her lover for cheating her out of her virginity, according to Shanghai media.

News Corp reports the man said he was single when he courted and promised to marry Chen, but was caught out in his lie when she visited him at home unannounced — and found him with his wife.

Chen then sued him for violating her rights to virginity and health.

The court awarded her nearly $US5000 — saying in its ruling the “moral right” to virginity should be protected by law.

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