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William was wearing this Spiderman suit.

Police announce next steps in the investigation of missing three-year-old, William Tyrell.

The Acting Superintendent of the William Tyrell case, Tony Joice, has said all individuals in the town of Kendall, NSW, on the day William disappeared need to come forward to police.

“If you were in the Kendall area, we need to know what you were doing, who you were visiting, what car you were driving, what you were doing there,” Joice said.

“It’s about putting the pieces together.”

William was last seen at his grandma’s Kendall property  on the 12th of September. He was playing ‘chasies’ with his sister at the time, and wearing a Spiderman costume . Since then, police, SES teams, lifesavers, and volunteers have all been involved in the rescue mission to find him.

“We’d like to think we’ll find him tomorrow, but we really don’t know at this stage,” Joice said. 

We’ve been following this story:

The whole country is thinking of this little boy tonight.

An emotional public message from the parents of William Tyrell. 

Somebody knows where this little boy is.

Australians support RAAF air strikes in Iraq

The Sunday Telegraph has commissioned a Galaxy poll revealing 62 per cent of Australians support the Abbott government’s decision to commence RAAF air strikes in Iraq against the Islamic State.

Over 400 RAAF personnel and 200 special forces have been sent to the Middle East to fight ISIS terrorists, The Daily Telegraph reports.

75 per cent of Australian voters are also fearful a terrorist attack in Australia is imminent. This view is held by 71 per cent of Labor supporters, 85 per cent of Coalition supporters, and 57 per cent of Greens supporters.

Many Australians at risk of credit default

Over 2 million Australians using credit are at risk of credit default in the next year, potentially affecting their ability to take out a loan.

Credit default occurs when a payment of $150 or more is paid over 60 days overdue. Under a new comprehensive reporting scheme reports of any missed payments of more than 14 days will show on one’s credit history.

The data found 13 per cent of Australians may have trouble securing a loan due to their poor scores.

Violent passenger has forced plane to turn around.

Ethihad flight 470  to Brisbane was forced to return to Singapore yesterday after a male passenger allegedly ripped out his TV screen, and attacked passengers and crew. The man, said to be in his 30s, was restrained by seven men, one of whom was bitten on the arm during the struggle.

ABC News are reporting today that the man showed disturbing behaviour in the airport and should not have been permitted to board the plane.

First ever baby born after uterus transplant

In Sweden, a baby has been born to a 36 year old woman who had received a womb transplant from a 61 year old post-menupausal friend.

The new mother was part of a fertility project at the University of Gothenburg which is helping women born without uteruses or who have had them removed due to cancer to receive transplants from living donors. The women’s own embryos are transplanted via IVF.

The mother and child are both well and have returned home. Seven more women who have received transplants hope to fall pregnant soon.

NRL Grand Final is on tonight.

The 2014 NRL Grand Final will be held at ANZ Stadium in Sydney tonight. The teams playing are the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Canterbury Bulldogs.

The top-two teams will be battling it out for the Provan-Summons Trophy.

The match will start at 7:15pm AEST.