Tuesday's news in under 5 minutes.

1. Search for William

Day five in the search for William.

Detectives are investigating known sex offenders in the area where three-year old William Tyrell went missing on the NSW mid-north coast.

The little boy was last seen playing in his grandparent’s front yard at 10.30m on Friday in Kendall.

News Limited reports police dogs have so far failed to pick up any scent trails to suggest William wandered off into the bushland at the end of the quiet cul-de-sac.

Superintendent Paul Fehon told media that police were “not even ­considering” scaling back their efforts as they went into day five of searching.

He said that the family was struggling to cope.

“It’s fair to say their grief is consuming them at times.’’

The search will continue today, with over 300 people looking for the little boy.

William has been described as being of Caucasian appearance, with dark hair and hazel eyes. Anyone with information is urged to contact Triple Zero.

2. Islamic State must be defeated quickly

World leaders meet in Paris.

World leaders have met in Paris and have pledged to help Iraq fight Islamic State (IS) militants “by all means necessary”.

A joint statement issued said the support would include “appropriate military assistance”.

Iraqi President Fuad Masum, who co-hosted the conference with French President Francois Hollande, said the international community must pursue the jihadists “quickly”.


Neither Syria nor Iran was included at the talks.

Meanwhile the first of Australia’s troops have left – 600 air force personnel and specialist military advisers will be deployed to the United Arab Emirates.

3. Oscar Pistorius free to compete

Oscar Pistorius, who was found guilty of culpable homicide last week, appears to free to compete as long as it does not go against the ruling of the judge, News Limited reports.

“As he stands right now, he’s free (to compete),” South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee chief executive Tubby Reddy said.

However his agent said they would wait until after his sentencing on October 13. Peet van Zyl said “It’s all up to Oscar. He must decide what he wants to do.”

4. Pistorius’ ex speaks out

Samantha Taylor

Meanwhile the ex-girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius, Samantha Taylor, has told Channel Nine she feared for her safety when she dated Pistorius.

Taylor described his expression during one argument as “pretty evil”.

“It was like, ‘I really hate you right now’,” she said. “He’s got so many deep-rooted issues … all those issues, they catch up with you,” she said.

She told A Current Affair he once shot a gun near her head and laughed.

5. Unlicensed driver kills teenager

A Sydney teenager has died in an accident that has taken place in the exact same spot as an accident in 2007 that killed a 20-year-old fashion student.

The tragic accident yesterday killed 16-year-old Aneri Patel a school girl on her way home from an exam.


A 4WD smashed through the shopfront of O’Reilly & Daly Chemists at Kogarah, in Sydney’s south. Residents in the area had previously called for a barrier to be installed.

Last night, police arrested the driver of the car – whom they said was unlicensed and had never before held a driver’s licence.

6. Jacqui Lambie calls for those who follow Sharia law to pack up

PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie has called for anyone in Australia who support sharia law to “pack up their bags and get out of here”.

The Palmer United Party Senator is also calling for them to be kicked off government benefits and not be allowed to vote in this country.

The Australian reports Senator Lamie told media in Hobart: “Anybody that supports Sharia law in Australia should not have the right to vote, should not be given government handouts and should probably pack up their bags and get out of here.”

“Anybody supporting or calling for sharia law in Australia can get out,” she said. “Simple as that.”

7. Thailand murders

A murder investigation is underway after the bodies of two British tourists were found on a beach at an island resort in Thailand.

The pair were thought to have attended a beach party on Koh Tao, an area popular with tourists and scuba divers. Colonel Prachum Ruangthong said the man and woman were found on a rocky beach and their clothes and a bloodstained hoe were found nearby.

There are reports the young British woman was raped.


The Guardian has named them as David Miller, 24, and Hannah Witheridge, 23.

8. What happened to MH370?

The pilot and co-pilot of MH370.

The head of the Indonesian police force has claimed he knows what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. reports General Sutarman told a meeting of airline officials and senior police, “I spoke to the Malaysian Police Chief Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar. I actually know what had actually happened with MH370.”

The website reports that his comments were heard by a number of high-ranking police officers.

Meanwhile, the boss of Kiwi Airlines has released a book claiming the pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah was suicidal and deliberately depressurized the plane before flying it into the ocean.

9. Preschool kids learn second languages

A program will be launched today which will see preschool kids given the opportunity to learn a foreign language — through playing educational apps on tablet devices such as iPads.

News Limited reports the $9.8 million pilot program will give 40 preschools, including some in regional and remote areas a one-year language trial.

10. Hillary Clinton has a few things on her mind

Hillary Clinton has added to speculation about 2016.

Hillary Clinton has stirred the US Presidential speculation by returning to Iowa for the first time since 2008.

She indicated to the crowd that she is close to making a decision on whether she will run in 2016. I’ve got a few things on my mind these days,” she said, going on to hint her pregnant daughter Chelsea was close to reaching her due date.

“First and most importantly, Bill and I are on constant grandchild watch. I’m calling Chelsea every five minutes to make sure things are going all right. And when the big moment comes you can bet that I will drop everything to be there in a flash. So if you see us sprinting off the stage that’s why.


“And then of course there’s that other thing,” she continued, reports NBC News. “Well it is true, I am thinking about it, but for today, that’s not why I’m here. I’m here for the steak.”

11. Pizza Hut offer slammed

Pizza Hut has come under fire for a bizarre promotion at its Mount Waverley store which put up a sign offering customers a small animal from a local pet store, if they bought ten pizzas.

The stunt has been branded “irresponsible” and “disgusting” by social media users.

For more read this post here.

12. Look who is addicted to screen time

One-third of parents have admitted they spend far too much time on electronic devices while with their kids.

The survey, reported in The Herald Sun, found that parents use the devices to escape stress.

Some of the answers from parents as to why they turned to screen time included: “The iPhone breaks up the tedium of raising small children,” “I’m conscious of how often I reach for the phone — and how frantic I feel if I’m without it,” and “I should be paying attention to the kids, not my phone, but sometimes I need the release from my stressful life.”

13. When will your baby crawl?

When will you crawl little guy?

A study has revealed babies born in winter will start crawling earlier than those born in summer or autumn because they will wear fewer clothes when they start crawling in summer.


The research, from Israel, showed that those born in the winter to spring months began crawling at an average of five weeks before summer babies.

The Daily Mail reports the researchers said winter born babies who were at the right crawling age in summer wore fewer layers and spent more time on the floor on their stomachs.

14. Goldfish has life-saving surgery

Something fishy going on with George.

Take a moment today to think about George the goldfish, who is recovering from $200 life saving surgery to remove a tumor from his head.

The goldfish was brought into the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in North Melbourne last week after its owner noticed it wasn’t swimming or eating properly.

Dr Tristan Rich, head of Lort Smith’s exotic and wildlife vet team, oversaw the surgery last Thursday that included putting the goldfish under anesthesia and using tissue glue to sew it back together again.

The Hospital’s Facebook page revealed details of the amazing task.

Best of luck for your recovery George.

We hope you’re off the hook now.


 15. Urban Outfitters sells university shooting-themed sweater

Huffington Post

The one-of-a-kind sweatshirt, emblazoned with “Kent State University” and splattered with red colouring, appears to reference the 1970 killing of four protesting students by the Army National Guard.


Officials at Kent State expressed their outrage at the item in a statement posted yesterday.

“We take great offense to a company using our pain for their publicity and profit… This item is beyond poor taste and trivializes a loss of life that still hurts the Kent State community today,” the statement read.

Urban Outfitters posted an apology to Twitter, saying: “was never our intention to allude to the tragic events that took place at Kent State in 1970”

“We are extremely saddened that this item was perceived as such,” the apology read.

16. Woman to face court over death of three-year-old Oberon boy

A woman has been charged over the death of a three-year-old boy in Oberon, NSW last month.

Police and NSW Ambulance paramedics were called to a house on Sunday August 3, and found the boy unconscious and not breathing, the Western Advocate reports.

Officers performed CPR on the boy and he was airlifted to hospital, but died from his injuries three days later.

The boy’s parents said he had sustained his injuries by tripped over a dog’s leash — but yesterday, detectives charged a 40-year-old woman with murder.

She will face Blayney Local Court today.

Police are urging anyone with information to contact them.

What news are you talking about today?

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