The entire cast of The Crown will be replaced after season two.

If you’ve binged on Netflix’s breakout season of The Crown, don’t get too comfortable. The entire cast is set to be turfed after Season Two airs.

The series’ star Claire Foy, whose brilliant portrayal of a young Queen Elizabeth II has earned her a Golden Globe nomination, confirmed the surprising news in an interview with Vulture’s Dee Lockett on Tuesday.

“After two seasons, that’s it. I’m gone. They’re getting rid of all of us,” the 32-year-old from Stockport, UK, told the publication.

“I don’t how they’re planning on doing it, but they’re such an incredible bunch of directors and producers that it’s gonna be different and exciting,” she said.

It’s an undeniably bold move from a production team that has split critics down the middle – The Guardian said the lavish $150 million gamble “paid off royally”, while The Independent called it “sumptuous but empty”.

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“It’ll be original,” Foy argues. “I can’t wait to see where it goes. I’m so honored to have been involved at this stage. I couldn’t be happier really. There’ll be no 3 a.m. makeup call for me!”

The revelation may confirm another rumour floating around television circles – that each season of The Crown will cover ten years of the Queen’s life, meaning the series will span six seasons in total, to cover her life as monarch until present day.

Don't get too attached to The Crown cast, now. Image: Netflix

Foy isn't the only talent to be formally recognised for her part in the series, either. John Lithgow has been nominated for a Golden Globe for best supporting actor after giving an inspired performance as an ageing and disgruntled Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

The show itself will also come up against a once impenetrable Game of Thrones for the accolade of best drama.

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