Bachelorette's Matty J just gave his strongest hint yet he'll be our next Bachelor.

There’s a lot of funny territory that goes with having your heart broken on national television. There are, of course, the intrusive questions that go beyond what we already witnessed. How was it watching it back? Have you spoken to Georgia? Is your heart still broken? What do you think of the guy that she ended up with?

And then there is the obvious hypothetical: Will you do it all again for the sake of good TV?

For Matty J, also now known as Australia’s first son, this is the kind of predicament he finds himself in right about now. Will he be Australia’s next Bachelor despite nursing a fairly fresh broken heart that that snapped right before our eyes?

When probed by The Project as to whether he would do it again, Matty J provided the answer so many of his fans have been wanting to hear.

“Yeah, I would. Yeah.”

When probed a little further, he heaped praise on the show and some of its previous Bachie kings and queens — suggesting he has his eyes on that prize.

Image: Channel 10


"I think the show's got a huge amount of credibility. I mean, you look at people like Tim Robards, Sam Frost and Sam Woods and I think you look at that and you think there's such a genuine chance to meet someone incredible and create a long-lasting relationship."

Yep, he knows his chances of finding love aren't outside the realm of possibility.

Image via Channel 10.

But he's just not quite ready to give a solid response yet.

"There's a lot of responsibility that comes with that role and right now it kind of feels like I've finished running a marathon, and the moment I've crossed the finish line, people are asking me if I want to run another one."

It sounds like he's just telling us to ask him again in a month and he'll give us his real answer, once his broken heart his fully mended.

If this The Project interview doesn't convince you just yet, always remember how steadfastly opposed Sam Frost originally was to being the Bachelorette...