Cancer hoaxer Belle Gibson says she's yet to face punishment for her deception.

Belle Gibson , the young Australian woman who built a wellness empire based on a made-up story about surviving brain cancer, doesn’t think she’ll be punished for the deception.

It’s been a year since everything that made her famous; the stories of suffering from cancer, through to saving herself through her ‘lifestyle’ turned out to be a  hoax.

Her story began unravelling when it was revealed that she had not donated to charities that she had pledged to donate to, and people who knew her came out alleging she had a history of lies.

And soon, she’s set to be investigated by Consumer Affairs Victoria. But in an interview with the Sunday Herald Sun, she was adamant that she wouldn’t be punished.

Belle with her child and cookbook. Image via Facebook.

Asked if she had been charged yet, she said “Of course not.” When asked if she though she would face charges, she replied “No, I don’t think I will”.

Many people believe that Belle Gibson should be punished. Not only did she sell her fabricated story, that story was believed by so many desperate cancer sufferers. Those who had lost hope saw her story and found hope.

Through her story, she not only gained a huge following on social media, but she had an app and book deals.

Her app, The Whole Pantry, is STILL available on Android devices for $2.99.

Belle sat down for an interview with Tara Brown for 60 Minutes last year after her story was exposed. Many thought her answers were ambiguous and vague.

In the interview, she said  “Tara, I have lost everything. I’m not here to regain it. When you hit rock bottom there is only an opportunity to be honest and heal and apologise. I’m here to do that.”

Tara Brown revealed that medical records showed Belle had undergone a brain scan, but not for a brain tumour, for Multiple Sclerosis. The san revealed she didn’t have MS and there was no sign of a brain tumour either.

Following the interview, Belle’s mother, who had previously criticised her own daughter, expressed heartbreak at watching her being shamed publicly.

“Belle told a white lie…So what?” she told the Herald Sun.  

Watch as Belle is confronted about her hoax in an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes:

Video via Channel 9