KIIS FM's new radio duo spent seven minutes talking about "boob honks" on Friday.

KIIS FM’S new National Drive team of Will McMahon and Woody Whitelaw spent an entire seven minutes of their Friday show dissecting whether it was appropriate, when on a date, to give a woman a “boob honk”.

The duo, who have only just completed their first week on the airwaves, launched into the segment after Whitelaw admitted to grabbing his now-girlfriend’s boob on their second date as they “made out”.

The conversation went a bit like this:

“Given [she wore] a baggy jumper,” McMahon said to Whitelaw, “after the date you went for a gratuitous feel under the jumper because you couldn’t actually see if the merchandise was present outside the jumper because it was so baggy.”

Whitelaw went on to confirm the story was true, saying – on radio – he gave her a “gentle and nice ‘boob honk'”; something he considered “the correct procedure” while making out.

Curiously, Whitelaw went on to acknowledge his girlfriend now admits she wasn’t a massive fan of the move at the time.

Image: ARN.

"Unfortunately, the only feedback I've had about it was from her...[she said] our early dates were all really good - tick, tick, tick - [but] the only time she considered calling it off was post boob-honk."

Perhaps even more curiously, McMahon agreed with Whitelaw's girlfriend, wondering why any woman would enjoy the move.

"It's not enjoyable for them, what do they get out of it?" he said, acknowledging there's nothing for women to love about it, but proceeding to continue having the debate, even with that knowledge.

The duo then proceeded to encourage calls from listeners about the appropriate nature of the "boob honk", but probably immediately wished they hadn't. KIIS FM's audience, it should be noted, is remarkably female-skewed.

"This is the first time I have tuned into your show, and this is the first conversation I have listened to, and I just pulled my car over to call you guys," the first caller, Nicole, said. "I really just feel like I think this is a serious conversation that you guys are making light of and I think it's never OK. It's never OK. And even to send a message out if you're under the age of 14, that it's okay to be groping girls, is not OK either."

McMahon quickly made note of his "clarification" at the start of the segment, saying in this conversation, "there is a pre-requisite of some form of consensual contact going on."

Perhaps Whitelaw and McMahon haven't quite understood the nature of public conversation in our post-Weinstein era, where conversations about "honking" a woman's breast need to be far more nuanced than a seven-minute commercial radio segment that struggled to differentiate the act itself from groping.