Meet Sarah Christian: Australia's "fairy godmother" of wigs for women with cancer and alopecia.

The Beautiful Hair Boutique
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How would you cope if you lost your hair? For many women, their hair is an integral part of their identity and experiencing hair loss can impact severely on their self-esteem and their social engagement.

Sarah Christian has had alopecia since she was seven years old. It’s her hair loss journey that inspired her to create The Beautiful Hair Boutique, an incredible solution for women who have experienced hair loss through cancer and alopecia who have lost their faith in wigs.

And these aren’t just any wigs. They are couture for your coiffure.

“I have worn wigs that were very ordinary,” Sarah tells Mamamia. “When I lost my hair six years ago I kept buying wigs that kept knotting and matting and I made it a mission to find a wig to wear made with proper hair.”

In her quest to find beautiful hair, Sarah found European hair is the most effective in mimicking Caucasian hair.

“It’s silky and fine, and it felt the most like my real hair,” says Sarah, who went on to import the wigs into Australia and then have her team of stylists create contemporary customised colours and cuts.

In 2016, Sarah opened her flagship salon in Mosman, and is now based in Neutral Bay, and has an online store (doing consultations via Skype and email).

Knowing personally what it’s like to lose her hair, Sarah takes great pride in making sure her products are high quality and natural looking. Sarah wears her hair very long and very blonde. It’s sensational.

“My hair was what made me feel feminine. My clients going through chemo come in and say ‘I can cope with the treatment but I am struggling with losing my hair!’ My clients want to be able to go to work, or go out socially and not have people pity them,” Sarah explains.

“When you have a wig that sits naturally and looks like your real hair you don’t have to tell your story to anyone. You don’t have to be at a function and then be bothered by having to be in a conversation where people ask about your hair loss. In fact, when I am wearing my wig people generally say I have amazing hair, and I say ‘Thank you’!”

And Sarah does have amazing hair. Long blonde hair, auburn hair, brown hair. She has beautiful long lustrous locks that don’t matt or break. They are wigs that don’t look like wigs. In fact, they look better than most people’s actual hair.

“I am probably the biggest critic ever,” she adds. “I am so fussy about them! I wear really long hair so it has to be perfect. Wigs stand out if they are not right.”

Other reasons women who experience hair loss may avoid wigs is a belief that they are hot or uncomfortable. Not so with Sarah’s Beautiful Hair.

“I have a huge range of light density wigs,” she tells me. “Aussie women don’t want mountains of hair. They like their wigs to have heaps of ventilation. Some wigs can be pulled into a ponytail for exercise. We make sure they are really secure so they never fall off.”

While wigs can be bought online or instore and worn immediately, the most unique and wonderful experience that Sarah offers at the Beautiful Hair Boutique is a personal consultation with her team of stylists. Many women have been too embarrassed to go to a hairdresser, so now, with their new wig, or as Sarah calls it ‘a blank canvas’, they can work with the stylist to colour and cut their wig to suit them.

Oh, the luxe! Image: Supplied.

Hairpieces are a very individual thing - and Sarah says every wig should be personalised. She even offers travel grants for women living out of the Sydney area who want to come to her store.

"Women can order wigs online but I like to make sure their hair is right. We can use a photograph or do an online consult, and if they want to come from interstate we offer a $250 grant to help cover their costs to travel to our boutique in Sydney," she says.

This is an extraordinarily compassionate offer from a woman whose business isn’t just about selling beautiful hair, it’s about changing lives.

"I am 34. I never thought I would be doing this five years ago. But I believe everyone goes through a journey for a reason," she says.

"Some women worry that they are being vain wearing a wig. But it helps bring your confidence back. You see women go from having their head down to suddenly glowing. It’s beautiful."

If you have experienced hair loss, and you are ready to reclaim your mane with a private and very confidential consultation with the woman who has travelled the world to find you the most beautiful hair, then contact the fairy godmother of wigs, Sarah Christian.

For more, visit The Beautiful Hair Boutique's website and following their inspiring Instagram.

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The content was created thanks to our brand partner The Beautiful Hair Boutique.