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Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins shares her wedding day plans.

Everyone’s favourite Wiggle Emma Watkins is marrying fellow Wiggle, Lachlan Gillespie this month, and although she’s apparently not wearing a yellow skivvy (…why?) it will still be a very Wiggle-y event.

Emma, 26, told The Daily Telegraph that her wedding dress will be the work of Suzanne Harward – who designed her dress for the 2015 Aria Awards.

Lachy and Emma at the 2015 Aria Awards. Image via Getty.

"I also want a bit of lace, nothing too princessy, but something to twirl around in," Emma said of her dress. "How can I go away from something girlie?"

She also shared an exciting detail that is best kept from your children. "The Wiggles will do all the music," she told The Daily Telegraph, leading us to believe that there will be a mosh pit of young children crashing the venue. She added that Lachy, 29, will sing on the night, and that the entire Wiggles clan will perform for the wedding guests. 


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Earlier this year, Emma told The Daily Mail that the wedding would be taking place in Sydney in April, and, wait for it - there's going to be baby goats. 

'We're going to have some goats at the wedding... some baby goats in the garden,' she said. Her fiancé described the baby goats as being of the size where they're "just about to be born."  

Oh goodness. Now that sounds very cute.  

To top it all off, blue Wiggle Anthony, 52, will be playing the bagpipes.


"He's going to play the bagpipes to lead us into the ceremony, he's piping all the girls down," Emma told The Daily Mail.

Lachy added, "I'll be nervously waiting and I'll just hear the sounds of the pipes."

Anthony, the founding member of the group, says he's been rehearsing, and will be wearing a different type of costume for the wedding. "I'm going to be fully dressed... Kilt, the whole thing," he said.

In terms of his performance, he said, "You've got to have it right, it's someone's wedding."  

It's not just someone's wedding, Anthony. It's Emma's wedding. AND IF YOU STUFF UP THE BAGPIPES YOU'LL HAVE A TRIBE OF KIDS AND THEIR PARENTS AFTER YOU.

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Ahem. Excuse me.

I actually have full faith in Anthony, given that he used to play the bagpipes in the Australian Army.

Overall, Emma says the wedding will be royal and princess themed. We wish her the best of luck for her big day, but wedding or not, she's already royalty in the eyes of her fans.

Particularly one little boy...


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