This is Australia, not America. You can't 'waste' your vote.


Any time there’s a federal election approaching, you’ll see and hear Australians saying things like, “I’d like to vote for [Minor Party/Independent] but the most important thing is to keep [Major Party A] out, so I’d better vote for [Major Party B].”

But this concern doesn’t apply in Australia; we have a more elegant voting system than that. We seem to have picked up ideas about “wasting your vote” from American TV shows or something.

So here’s a comic designed to clear up this common misconception and explain how preferential voting works.

Patrick Alexander is known in Australia for his nationally published children’s comics, Pink Chickens and Tobias & Jube, and internationally for his webcomics, Raymondo Person and Hilarity Comics. More recently he has produced gag comics for the relaunched Dark Horse Presents. His work has been described as “p. funny”. You can visit his site here.

Are you planning to vote for a minor party? What attracts you to voting for a minor party?