Embarrassed yourself while drunk? This is probably the reason you acted out of character.

After a couple of drinks, I’m convinced that I am Australia’s answer to Beyonce – complete with flawless dance moves and a remarkable singing ability. And I know I’m not the only one.

Many of us know too well that a few adult lemonades on the weekend can mean we turn from a respectable, reasonable human being into an irrational lunatic (who spends all Sunday texting apologies to their contacts list). So why is this?

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According to science, our behaviour changes because of the impact alcohol has on the brain. It’s called “myopia” and refers to the way our brains lack foresight and therefore don’t give a toss about the consequences of our actions after a couple of bevvies. (Post continues after gallery.)

Because of this limited ability to forecast consequences, we’re more likely to do things that we wouldn’t normally do – like tell your friend you think her partner is beneath her, or text your ex at 4am in the cab home (it seemed like a good idea at the time).

Because we can only focus on how the action makes us feel in that specific moment, we’re unable to see how that text could spiral into something unwanted come the next morning. Immediate gratification is the sole focus of a drunk person.

Drinking also removes the inner filter that protects our deepest, most sensitive emotions. It allows us to express what we might truly be feeling because the usual barrier of fear is no longer there.

Because of this, you are more likely to confess your deep seeded love for that 'platonic' friend after a couple of wines or tell Frank from accounts what you really think of him.

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Most people tend to think that alcohol affected friends are more likely to tell the truth but in actual fact our myopia governs this behaviour as well.

Depending on the desired outcome we wish to have in that particular moment, we could tell the truth or, some big fat porkies - all because of our wish to achieve what we want from the moment.

So there you have it. You can legitimately blame your Jekyl and Hyde behaviour on the mimosas.

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Do you change when you've been drinking?

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