13 excellent reasons to choose staying in over going out tonight.

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There comes a time in every adult’s life when the idea of going out loses its charm.

You find yourself fantasising about bed after just one glass of wine, and staying out until 1am becomes a real effort. Then, eventually, you reach the point when you just stop bothering altogether. If you’ve found yourself in this camp, you’ll be pleased to know there’s finally a term for this feeling: FOGO (i.e. Fear Of Going Out), the grownup’s version of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

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Those of us afflicted with FOGO appreciate that leaving the house to drink overprice tequila and endure terrible DJ music is completely overrated.  You’re not alone — we at The Glow are here to wave the flag for Team FOGO.

To support our cause, here are 13 excellent justifications for your decision to stay home on this fine Friday night. FOGO fans unite.

1. It’s warm inside.

Cold and raining outside? Perfect. Rather than trying to walk through puddles and wind gusts in heels, you can snuggle down in your warm, toasty house.

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2. You will save money.

Fact: It's going to cost you zero coin to spend the night in (okay, unless you hit up MenuLog).

Last time I went out, I spent $10 on a beer. ONE beer. This, together with door fees, taxi fees and cheeky greasy food fees equates to much moolah lost. No thank you, sir. Just no.

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3. Home is pajama-friendly.

You don't need to figure out what to wear. You can just pull on your PJs. Or wear no pants at all. Whatever floats your boat, because you are home, and free from judging eyes.


4. No panic about getting home.

Because you're already at home, b***hes.

5. No need to chit chat.

Not having to converse with people you don't know, or like, is a night well spent. Am I Right ?

6. There's no shitty music

Just think: no DJs playing terrible music. Or music with no lyrics. You can play whatever the hell you want — that means Taylor Swift all night, baby. No judgement.

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7.You can choose who you hang with.

It might be your housemate, or your partner, or your cat. Or maybe just your favourite movie characters. Just think: you can spend time watching Ryan Gosling, instead of watching drunk guys crack onto your friends. Win.

8. Hearing yourself talk.

You can hear your friends talk. And yourself talk. And you don't have to shout over thumping beats. (Post continues after gallery.)

9. Volume control.

No insane ringing when you climb into bed. Suck on my healthy ears, club hoppers.

10. No bathroom queues.

Enough said.

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11. You can be yourself.

If you like to play cards and nerdy board games while drinking huge vats of white wine, go for it. You're at home. You don't need to pretend that you love techno clubs.

12. There are no beds in da club.

Bed is an excellent and unsung hero of the home.

13. No gross hangover.

If you want to do things the next day, you can. Because you don't feel like a dried fig. Unless you had a solo wine session, in which case, at least you'll have a little more money left in your bank account.

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 What do you love most about staying in?