Now we know why Sophie Monk chose the man everyone thought she said she didn't want.

Finally, after months of speculation, we now have the answer to the question that’s been haunting our dreams. That question?

Why, dear Lord, why did Sophie Monk go for the guy she said she didn’t want FROM THE VERY START?

She said she wanted normal. She said she wanted nice. Someone who wasn’t famous or rich, or who ran in the ‘entertainment industry’ circles. You know, the kind of man that probably doesn’t own a private yacht. Someone like… Stu Laundy, the man worth a casual $500 million.

Thankfully, one very switched on caller dialled into KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning to ask Sophie that very question.

“In all your previews you spoke about the guys you used to date, rich, famous, obnoxious, that didn’t attend to you. And then you pick Stu, that used to be exactly who you used to date, and the ones you wanted aren’t on the show anymore. Why?” questioned Lilly, who we think might be our spirit animal.

“I think people thought when I said that they expect me to be with a tradie. I would’ve been with a tradie, but you’ve just gotta go with who you’ve got chemistry with,” the now-loved up Bachelorette replied.

“He is normal, he’s not in my world of acting or in the industry.”


“I’ve turned over a new leaf, well, I’m not a dickhead anymore,” Stu chimed in, referring to speculation he is, in fact, a bit of a wanker playboy.

“This year I turned it all around. I has  two out there years, playing that divorcee,” he said.

Lilly then, being the hard hitting citizen journalist she is, probed further, asking if Sophie thinks someone, like Stu could really change in a matter of months.

“Yes, that’s why I didn’t go out with him the first time. To come all the way on a TV show and put yourself through that when you don’t need to, I think that says volumes.”

OK, we understand where Sophie is coming from. Kind of. But look, we guess all that matters is that Sophie is happy.

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