Married At First Sight’s Sharon shares how she 'sabotaged' her relationship with Nick.

It was the reality TV breakup that left Married At First Sight fans heartbroken: the ‘last couple standing’ from this year’s season, Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy, revealed they had split last month.

After retreating to Bangkok for a much-needed holiday, 32-year-old Sharon has revealed why she felt she ‘sabotaged’ her relationship with her TV husband.

Speaking with OK! Magazine, Sharon said her reluctance to move her life to Melbourne to be with 30-year-old Nick should have been “alarm bells” for how she was truly feeling.

“I made excuses [as to] why I couldn’t move over to Melbourne straight away,” she told the magazine.

“My business, I needed to rent out my house, I’d miss my family and friends, my dog… Bullsh*t!

“I realise if you are truly in love with someone and want to commit to them, you will make it happen.

“You will do it NOW, because you don’t want to be another day without them.”

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Sharon – who appeared on the show with her twin sister Michelle – also added she was constantly questioning whether she was truly in love with Nick.

“That was my question and the only way I was going to get that answer was for one of us to sacrifice everything and move for the other.”

The couple – who got matching tattoos declaring their love for each other – revealed they had split last month in New Idea magazine.

“I love Nick, but after moving to Melbourne eight weeks ago to be with him, I soon realised that I’m not in love with him,” Sharon said.

“I’ve shed many tears over this, because I really wanted it to work. I wanted the butterflies and roses — but I also needed a deeper love.”

“We connected, we had chemistry. Does that mean we are soulmates and forever lovers?” she said.

Sharon Marsh has revealed the real reason she split from her MAFS husband Nick. Image via Instagram.

Nick added he was "heartbroken" over Sharon's decision.

"I fell hard and fast and gave it my all. It has made me lose my faith in love a little bit," he said.

Despite their shock breakup, the couple still remain friends, posting matching images of each other on Instagram with the hashtags "no regrets" and "friends".

Hey, if you can't get a soulmate out of marrying a stranger on television, at least you found a pal, right?

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