Why some people hate sex.



The real, uncensored reasons some people hate sex.

Men and women across the world have taken to secret sharing service Whisper to confess what they don’t like about sex. The website — which allows its users share secrets anonymously — is a bit like Post Secret for the digital age, and allows visitors to share candid confessions about their personal lives without fear of being identified.

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Recently people across the Whisper community have been sharing why they hate sex. The reasons are varied, with many claiming they simply find adult cuddles boring.

“Please don’t tell me that the reason I don’t like sex is because I haven’t met the right person yet. It just doesn’t interest me,” wrote one user.

Another posted: “I don’t like sex, but I crave intimacy. It’s nearly impossible to find someone who shares the same feelings.”

Some users complained that they found sex frustrating, and no matter what they tried, they just can’t reach “the big O”.

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While most of the admissions were on the lighter side, some were extraordinarily sad: For some people, body image issues were marring the enjoyment of sex.

“Sex is always disappointing because I’m overweight and focus too much on how disgusting I must look,” one user wrote.

Other users acknowledged the role that abuse plays in turning people off sex, confessing: “I don’t like sex because it’s my fault when he can’t get it hard. Because he yells how terrible I am at sex.”

What secrets would you like share? Anything that turns you off sex?

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