The Bachelor's Noni just shared a very scandalous hint about why she left the show.

Richie isn’t being cut any slack on this season of The Bachelor.

It was just yesterday that former contestant, Megan, threw some serious shade at him for taking the women on dates where they took care of a baby

Now, the recently-booted Noni has posted on Facebook with some very ~suggestive~ reasons why she wasn’t The One for Richie.

There’s no way for us to tiptoe around it, we’ll just show you:

We're going to take Noni's comment as a joke, but one just can't help feeling sorry for Richie who can't say ANYTHING at the moment.

A fellow contestant, Rachael, also weighed into what his "type" is, admitting there's mostly blondes remaining.

Speaking on our BachChat Podcast, former Bachelor hopeful, Eliza, also pointed out the lack of diversity in the house.

Check out The Bachelorettes of 2016. (Post continues after gallery.)

"He obviously didn't like the blue velvet rose," she said.

"I should have made a blonde rose!"

You can listen to Eliza tell us everything we want to know about The Bachelor. (Post continues after the audio.)

Noni hasn't been silent on the behind-the-scenes action since leaving the mansion, revealing the reason why there's so many tears during the rose ceremonies.

"There were a few cocktail parties that I didn’t like [what I was wearing]. There were tears before you had to walk out to the cocktail party. If you don’t feel confident then it kind of puts a downer on your whole night," she said to Vogue.