Why is Sporty the only Spice Girl to keep her gear on here in their new video?

Are they on crack? I’ve never seen a more depressing bunch of primping, preening, pouting thirty-somethings. AND THEY HAVE KIDS. Yes, we know they’ve got good bodies that may or may not be the work of good surgeons and extensive  lipsuction.

But do they have to writhe around in their undies? Ironic really that Sporty is the only one who ISN’T  a mother and she’s the only one who doesn’t look like an expensive hooker.  Remember when they bounced around singing about girl power? Now they look like they barely have the energy to lift their hands for a manicure or undo their own perky bra straps.

Or am I just being a total prude and this is what being a yummy mummy or thirty-something celebrity entails these days?