The real reason why Bradley Cooper's girlfriend was crying at Wimbledon.


Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk found themselves at the centre of a social media storm when the cameras at Wimbledon caught them in a very awkward moment.

Everyone was pretty damn sure they were in the midst of a couple’s tiff.

In the clip, Cooper, 41, is seen speaking intently in Shayk’s direction. The 30-year-old supermodel looks like she is dabbing tears from her eyes, before crossing her arms and not even looking his way. Basically both parties appear mighty pissed.

So yeah, it really didn’t look like they were having the best time.

Image via Getty.

Of course, this prompted the entire Internet to begin speculating on what could possibly have gone so wrong on what should be a cheerful day. (Tennis is meant to be fun, guys.)


Meanwhile couples all over the world pointed, laughed and squawked, "OMG they are JUST like us."

But everyone can just calm the hell down.

TMZ is reporting there was no lovers' spat. Shayk was not crying. She just needed some antihistamine.

Yes, she was battling allergies.

Take that, Internet. Those pesky pollen allergies will get you every time.


So that explains Shayk.

As for Cooper, the actor was actually talking to retired tennis great Stefan Edberg, who was sitting beside Shayk.

The TV cameras (in)conveniently left Edberg out of their shots, so the videos that went viral were a bad look for Shayk and Cooper.

So we took a look at the images on Getty, and yep, here's a wider version of the above picture that was circulating.

Image via Getty.

And later in the match, it certainly appears everything is alright in their worlds.

So for now, it appears it's case closed.