What Georgia Love got wrong about The Bachelor contestants, especially Alex.

On radio this morning, Georgia Love made an uncharacteristic slip-up.

When asked to explain the difference between The Bachelor and her current season of The Bachelorette, the 27-year-old told  NovaFM’s Fitzy and Wippa “Mine is playing out differently. There doesn’t seem to be a really clear favourite, or a clear crazy person.”

Given that Alex Nation has been publicly branded as a “stage five clinger,” it was fairly obvious who she was referring to. Trying to backtrack, she said, “I don’t think she is [crazy], but that’s how Alex came across.”

I take issue with Georgia’s comments for two reasons. The second is far more important, but the first is definitely worth noting:

Does she seriously think there are no ‘crazies’ in this season of The Bachelorette?

Need I remind you that Clancy jumped in the pool FULLY CLOTHED with hardly any encouragement, because someone JOKED that the first person in the pool would get to go on a group date with Georgia?

He was mic’d. He could have been goddamn electrocuted.

This same man also invited Georgia to shave his beard on the FIRST NIGHT.

But he's not even touching the surface of Bachelor-crazy.

Look at Rhys and Sam. Putting aside the fact that Rhys is MARRIED (srsly dude, wtf) these two seem completely unaware that they're on a reality TV show with a woman.

All Rhys wants to do is hang out with Aaron (who is now gone, leaving Rhys really...lonely looking), while Sam just wants to beat Rhys at every given opportunity. It's...bizarre.

Then there's Lee, who brought a DONKEY with him when he first met Georgia. A DONKEY.

In his defence, it was a beautiful donkey. Image via Channel 10.

Ben confessed to doing NERVOUS POOS when he met her.



The second issue I have with Georgia's comments is this: There aren't 'crazy' people on reality TV.

There's crazy editing. There's close-ups, and music, and shots of other people looking awkward, and out-of-context conversations. The 'crazy' is created and then bought by the audience - it's not innate to the people on the show.

And this is where the problem comes for The Bachelorette. Georgia's right.

There aren't 'crazies' on her season like there have been on The Bachelor. You know why? Because it's not easy to make men look ridiculous. It's not easy to laugh at a man in a suit - we laugh with them instead.

Women, on the other hand, are easily characterised as 'crazy', because we already have so many stereotypes to draw upon.

Women in pop culture are rarely portrayed to not be 'crazy'. They're over-the-top bitchy, or insecure, or clingy, or cold, or shallow, or attention-seeking.

A few close-ups of Alex's face and a bite of the lip and we so easily decide she's a "stage five clinger." For men? Not so much.

So CRAZY. Why does she like this person she's meant to fall in love with on national television? HUH? Image via Channel 10.

Clancy jumping in the pool to get a date with Georgia isn't desperate or needy or weird, it's funny. So is Sam and Rhys' competitiveness, and Lee's quirkiness.

We don't laugh at men on TV, or deem them as crazy because regardless of the format of the show, men are the subjects (complex, active, and powerful) and women are the objects (one dimensional and passive).

So, no, there's no "crazy person" on this season of The Bachelorette, but that has nothing to do with the cast, and everything to do with the way gender stereotypes play out on TV.

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