A relationship expert shares the top reasons why people get divorced.

While most of us want to believe in happily ever after, unfortunately, divorce is a fact of life.

And sadly, sometimes, even the happiest and most compatible couples struggle to make it.

Luckily, though, relationship counsellor Peter Saddington has shared the nine most common causes of divorce with The Independent.

Because forewarned is forearmed…

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1. Money woes.

It’s not money itself that’s the problem, but rather, each individual’s attitude towards it that can cause trouble.

According to The Independent, “Problems can arise when it comes to money if husband and wife have different value bases, for instance, if one person likes spending money freely and the other is more frugal and prefers saving.”

2. Infidelity.

This one is a no-brainer – but affairs erode trust and honesty in a relationship, which can send a couple to a divorce lawyer.

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3. Ex-partners.

Again, no surprises there - as the report states: "When establishing a new relationship, an ex getting your partner’s attention can create tension. It can feel like they’re still married to the ex, or that the ex is more important."

4. Different sex drives.

When a couple's libido doesn't match up - in other words, when one person wants sex far more than the other - it can spell the end of the marriage.

5. Step-children.

Trouble-causing stepkids are a stereotype, but unfortunately, they can pose a real issue for many couples.

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6. Parents and in-laws.

Interfering parents and parents-in-law are not only infuriating, they're also common marriage-killers.

7. Conflict resolution.

Similar to the way different attitudes to money can lead to divorce, so too can differences in conflict resolution. If neither individual can meet in the middle to resolve conflict, it can spell big trouble.

8. Communication breakdown.

We've heard it a thousand times: when it comes to relationships, communication is key. For example, if one person loves to share details of their life while the other withholds, it can erode intimacy.

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9. Privacy issues.

A healthy relationship often hinges on privacy. If one half of the couple is regularly spilling intimate details of the relationship with others, it can lead to resentment, humiliation - and divorce.

So there you have it - the top causes of divorce. But while this list won't automatically divorce-proof your marriage, it can help you avoid the most common culprits of relationship failure.

Have you gone through a divorce? What caused your breakup?