Who's your TV husband? The definitive ranking of television's most eligible men.

Do you have a TV husband? Be honest. We all have a few fictional men that we have decided would make our perfect IRL partner.

This week on The Binge podcast, Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik shared their biggest TV crushes, from funny and loveable Jim in The Office to ruggedly handsome Peter Bishop from Fringe, played by Joshua Jackson (yes, that’s Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. Can we have Pacey too?)

But we think there are a few they missed…

6. Jamie – Outlander

We just have one thing to say: season one, episode seven. Do you need another reason? Jamie’s wedding to Claire to protect her and the sex scene that followed was one of the hottest TV moments ever, and we want to marry Jamie, if only for the honeymoon. The episode was directed by a woman, and it shows. The abs and Scottish accent don’t hurt either.

I do. I do, I do, I do, I do, I do... 

5. Chandler Bing - Friends

You know what they say about a good sense of humour, could it BE more important? We love that Chandler and Monica had a slow burn, getting together after years of friendship. She grew to love his wit and awkwardness and so did we. We only hope we could be so lucky to fall in love with our best friend, especially if that friend is Chandler.

Via Giphy.

4. Coach Taylor

Possibly the greatest-ever husband on TV, Eric - aka "Coach" - Taylor was the guiding light of Friday Night Lights, the American football drama beloved to all TV nerds. Eric was the devoted, supportive, protective husband to Tammi Taylor, who is all of our TV wife, and their union of equals is a thing of beauty. Also, at the end he gives up his job to follow Tammi's dream and he NEVER gave her grief about that ever-present giant wine glass. Swoon.

The definition of couple #goals. 

3. Dev - Master of None

Aziz Ansari's character is exactly what we imagine Aziz to be - sweet, funny and just a little bit self-centred. But aren't we all? The aspiring actor is always up for an adventure and would happily join us to eat our weight in tacos. He has a child-like innocence that is balanced with his romantic streak. Plus, he's a feminist!

  Image via @azizansari on Instagram.

2. Robb Stark - Game of Thrones

The King in the North would do anything for love. In fact, he died for his love after betraying Walder Frey to marry Talisa instead of Frey's daughter as was promised. After much deliberation, we've decided death isn't a roadblock in our imagined nuptials, considering the fearless young wolf is fictional anyway.

And we couldn't think of a better way to keep warm...

1. Matty J - The Bachelorette

The one person we are all fighting over to have as our TV husband isn't a character. He's a real living and breathing man, which means we actually have a shot right? He's sweet, sincere and playful, and did we mention SMOKING HOT? Plus, we know he's single and ready to find love.

Via Giphy.

But there were also some TV husbands that had the Mamamia office divided.

The teenage heart throbs

When it comes to following our teenage hearts, we were torn between Seth Cohen from The OC and Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. Do you go the sweet and whip smart Seth who will always treat you like the queen you are and entertain you endlessly with his witty humour? Or the smouldering, reformed bad boy, for a cracking sex life? Decisions, decisions...

The Gilmore boys

There was also a debate over which Gilmore Girls love interest would make the best husband - Luke or Logan. Logan may have the ballsy and charming thing going for him, but a mouthwatering cooked brekky and cup of coffee every morning is pretty hard to pass up. Plus, Luke's grand gestures trump Logan's. The ice skating rink and chuppah he built for her plus the momento of Lorelai that he kept in his wallet for eight years... SO much better than the weird symbolic rocket and his poorly-timed proposal.

Who's your TV husband?

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