Who’s on your Celebrity Shag List?

Time for some fun and vicarious sexual fantasising. If you haven’t yet played this at home, The Shag List is your list of ultimate famous bonks. For couples, there is usually an agreement in place that if either of you were to find yourself in a situation…

…where you could fulfill your Shag List fantasy (wait, is that the sound of Simon Baker radiating his manliness behind me in the ATM?) then it would be a green light. For one night. Because THAT’S GONNA HAPPEN.

Right, I’m going to kick off with mine although I’m sure I will want to change it immediately upon reading yours. In no particular order….

1. ROB LOWE – been my other favourite for an even longer time. I forgive you for the sex tape, Rob. Especially the part where I’m not in it.

2. CHRIS MARTIN – oh the smile. And the talent. Gwyneth spends so much time exercising, I’m sure she wouldn’t miss him for an evening.

3. SIMON BAKER – been my favourite for a long long time. I know there are one or two of you who will agree with me. I saw him in person once. Across a school playground. True story. He is short but hot. And have I mentioned hot?

OK. Your turn. Shag list please. Keep it to three. Don’t be greedy about your pretend sex.

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