PASS IT ON: Whooping cough boosters recommended in the 3rd trimester of EVERY pregnancy.

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The Australian Immunisation Handbook was updated this week, encouraging women to have whooping cough booster during the third trimester of every pregnancy.

The boosters are most effective when given between 27-32 weeks. This gives your baby maximum time to receive the necessary antibodies. However, if you miss these dates, the booster are SAFE to give up until birth.

As always, it is also important to ensure that friends and family who will have contact with your baby have their boosters, to further reduce the chance of your child contracting whooping cough.

These recommendations are brand new this week, so your doctor may not even be aware of them yet. For all the information you need, visit the Immunise Australian Program website:

This infographic also explains the new recommendations clearly:

Whooping cough booster
Image Via- Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters

For more information about the booster and a copy of this infographic in PDF form, please visit the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters website:…/pertussis-whooping-cough/

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