Breaking fluff: Whoopi Goldberg farts on national television.

Sometimes, you just can’t hold it in. You just have to do a Whoopi.

Whoopi Goldberg, who has been one of the co-hosts on American talk show The View since 2007, has let one rip during a segment about flu shots. Maybe she was trying to shut up one of her co-hosts. Or maybe it was the breakfast burrito.

Fortunately, old pal Rosie O’Donnell was there to help her fan it away. Nothing says friendship like fanning farts.

Here’s the video. Note: The station has played some weird noise to drown out the fart noise. We think…


“I feel so much better now!” cried Whoopi, as her co-hosts cried with laughter (and tear gas, possibly).

And it’s not the first time Whoopi has done a whoopie.

Whoopi seems to be in need of a muffler. The 59-year-old actress/comedian/host/airbag has farted in other interviews too, like this one with Homeland actress Claire Danes.


Better out than in. Especially on national television. Right, Whoopi cushion?


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