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Love Island Australia recap: Surprising no one, Anna and Josh have won season two of Love Island.



Tonight was simply reality TV heaven.

Yep, we’re talking about Love Island. Australia’s trashiest TV show (that we simply can’t stop watching).

For the past six weeks, we’ve seen couplings, recouplings and then some more couplings. It’s been… a lot. 

Tonight, we watched our final three couples gather around the Love Island villa to hear the votes. 

Love Island Australia 2019
Our final three couples. Image: Channel Nine.

Cynthia and Aaron received the least amount of audience votes and ended up coming in third place.

To no one's surprise, Cartier and Matthew were our runner ups - because let's face it, Adam broke our collective hearts when he decided to call things off with Cartier. And there's simply no coming back from that.

In the end, fan favourites Anna and Josh were named victors of Australia's controversial dating show.

But then came time for the decision... love or money.


Josh, who received the envelope with $50,000, chose love and ended up splitting the cash with Anna.

So yeah, he still gets the money. It's a weird show but we dig it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Love Island Australia 2019
Image: Channel Nine.

Despite the anticipation, we all pretty much knew it was going to happen. After all, they were the show's longest-running couple.

From their first re-coupling ceremony to when Josh asked Anna to be his girlfriend, Josh and Anna have managed to restore our faith in reality TV love.

"As soon as I met her, we were vibrant, we got on really well. Every time she smiles and we chat, I just get this warm, fuzzy feeling inside," Josh said when they first became a couple.

Josh also told Anna tonight that she lights up his world and that he's falling in love with her.

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