We now know who'll play Meghan Markle in the TV movie about her love with Prince Harry.

Things have been a little bit dry on the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle front of late, haven’t they?

Since they announced their engagement in November last year, the sparkle of their wildly exciting and somewhat risque relationship has dulled. We’ve entered a dry zone, where all we have to go on are pictures of the couple greeting common folk and making speeches.

Hence why we need a semi-real but mostly fictional account of how they met to entertain us until the wedding.

Enter, Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance.

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Since Lifetime announced they were making a movie about how the newest royal couple met (a la William and Kate: The Movie), anyone who gives a damn has been wondering – who will play Meghan Markle?

Will she dust off her acting chops and come out of her enforced retirement from acting?

Alas, no she will not. Because we now know who will be stepping in to play the role.

Her name is Parisa Fitz-Henley. It’s a very royal sounding name, so she must have an insight into what it’s like to be one of the most famous people in the world.


Side note – we’re not sure what we were expecting, but is it not a bit eerie just how much like Meghan Markle she looks?

A deep dive into her Wikipedia/IMDB profiles tells us she is known for playing Reva Connors, the one-time love interest of Marvel character, Luke Cage in (you guessed it) Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. The Jamaican born American actress has also played a witch in supernatural drama, Midnight, Texas.

From her Instagram, which to be honest is far more telling than her Wiki bio, we know she’s a ‘Jamerican flower fanatic, snail fan’ who enjoys ‘professionally playing persons’. That’s, acting.


She also loves a selfie and looks like a really fun chick.

Oh yeah. We also know who’s playing Prince Harry.

Murray Fraser is a largely unknown British actor whose acting CV consists of two roles – a cop on a Scottish crime series, The Loch, and a small role in Netflix’s Victoria.


This is him. He’s not a ginger, but he’ll do.

As for what else we know about the TV movie:

  • It will be produced by US cable network, Lifetime.
  • It will cover such topics as – the moment they met after being set up by friends, their initial courtship, keeping their romance a secret, the intense media coverage, and Meghan’s life as a divorced American actress.
  • It will air in ‘Spring’, which will most likely coincide with the actual real life royal wedding, which is set for May 19, 2018.
  • Production begins this week in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

In other words… this gon’ be goooooood.

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