Pucker up for Bright Pink Lipstick Day.

Krystal with her daughter Bonnie





There is always a story behind a charity, why and how it came to be. In the same way, there is an inspiring reason Pink Hope’s #brightpinklipstickday campaign was created.

It’s a story that is largely thanks to Mia Freedman and a simple introduction.

I come from a family where breast and ovarian cancer is so entrenched in my family tree that is has become a way of life. Hereditary cancer has taught me lifelong lessons of compassion, empathy and passion… it ultimately led me to create Pink Hope, a charity for families at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer who needed support and resources to manage their risk. It was Mia that provided the connection to get our vision of Bright Pink Lipstick Day off the ground.

At 22 years old, I found out that amongst all the things I had in common with my Mum and Nan was the BRCA1 gene (something I also have in common with Angelina Jolie as well- didn’t see that one coming!).  I spent the next three years navigating the maze of choices I then faced. Despite being supported by my friends and family, a lack of information left me feeling isolated and alone. I sought out charities overseas and found them to be incredibly supportive, but still they were not unique to my situation and were not based where I lived.

After three years of stress (largely caused by ‘doctor Google’). I decided to have a preventative double mastectomy. At just 25 years old I became the youngest woman in my family to have her breasts removed by choice. I was by no means an easy choice to make – but I had witnessed generations of my family be diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer, each younger than the next. Knowing this heartache and my risk I believed it was the right decision for me.

I remember the exact moment I knew that my story could be turned into something positive. It was two days after my surgery and as I lay in hospital sore, flat chested and emotional I began to feel sorry for myself. My Mum pointed to a photo of my sons, Riley and Jye, “You are lucky, Krystal,” she told me, “Most women go into this surgery and start chemo straight after.” As usual, Mum was right – I was walking away cancer free, able to go home and get on with life.

Krystal recovering after her operation

I picked myself up, reached for my laptop and started creating Pink Hope – Australia’s only charity unique to families like my own,

It’s been a challenge – starting a charity from the ground up and raising 3 young children. However it’s the moments when you get an email or a call saying, “Thank you so much for Pink Hope,” that I know it’s all worth it.  My families’ story and experience now has a positive impact and legacy.

With the right information and support, we can beat hereditary cancer through prevention within one generation. This is why Pink Hope and #brightpinklipstickday are so important.

Our annual campaign #brightpinklipstickday was created to inspire families to investigate their health history and take proactive and vigilant steps toward managing their risk.

The campaign came to fruition when Mia, a long-time supporter of mine, introduced me to the head of PR for Revlon, Janet Muggivan.

Mia believed that Janet, who is a breast cancer survivor as well as a successful and creative businesswoman and I would get along and benefit from each-others company. From this simple introduction a great campaign and friendship has blossomed.

Mia has never stopped believing in Pink Hope and for this I thank her. But even more, I thank her for always believing in the sisterhood. In today’s busy world, it is easy to skip an introduction –thinking it is not such a big deal but #brightpinklipstickday is proof that this is not the case.

So thank you Mia, Janet, my family and every family that Pink Hope supports. It is because of you that Pink Hope has seen the successes it has, and because of all of you that I will continue to work to reduce the threat of cancer for the next generation.

“From this simple introduction, a great campaign and a friendship has blossomed”

You too can show that you support the sisterhood and Pink Hope on #brightpinklipstickday, Friday 20th September by puckering up on social media wearing your brightest pink lippy.

Hashtag #brightpinklipstickday #revlon #pinkhopeaus

4 simple ways to support Pink Hope and #brightpinklipstickday:
– Host an event or donate

– Purchase a Revlon Pink Hope lipstick from Priceline, Target and selected pharmacies in store 1st week in September

– Purchase our deshabille PJ’s with 50% coming direct to Pink Hope

– Totes for Hope by Skipping Girl. Our gorgeous Pink Hope totes for sale where 50% comes direct to Pink Hope