Everything we know about the man set to shake up Offspring.

At exactly 11:10 am on the 25th June 2016 there is four days, nine hours and 19 minutes until Offspring finally comes back into my life.

I am not ashamed I am counting.

Offspring is one of those shows that instantly makes me feel like I’m coming home.

It has left me crying at work after someone brought up Patrick’s death (it was the day after it happened – NOT COOL) and I have based most of my winter wardrobe around Nina Proudman.

But, Offspring is seriously toying with my heart.

In the lead-up to their sixth season, the show has been releasing a series of mysterious and scandalous teasers claiming that we still have the “biggest family secret” to come.

I was initially sceptical it was the “biggest family secret” but our own Rosie Waterland sat in the writer’s room for this secret, and confirms it actually is MASSIVE.

Along with this family secret, Offspring have been heavily advertising the prospect of a new man in Nina’s life, a lawyer called Will Bowen.

At the end of season five, it looked like Nina would be set with the completely lovable, RN Leo.

But, in interviews Asher Keddie, who plays Nina, hinted that Leo wasn’t necessarily a “forever love”.

“The way I saw it was that it [romance with Leo] was another phase of Nina’s life but I never felt 100 per cent sure that she had found everything and was satisfied,” Keddie said.

In the latest Offspring-teaser instalment, the show has thrown two new curveballs:

1) Will Bowen could actually be in LOOOOOOVE with Billie.

2) He could be in love with neither of them and has a secret agenda

Firstly, let’s deal with Billie.

While you count down to the 29th, get your fix with this Nina Proudman #fashioninspo gallery:


I’m going to say a big NO. Not just because I feel personally against this, but from a plot development point of view Billie and Mick have already had their falling out and reunion.

Remember Billie’s fling with therapist, Lawrence, back in season five?

Also, the part of the teaser where Billie also brought him to lunch/dinner early isn’t good enough that she’s in love. It just seems like the Billie thing to do: to set someone up (but not with herself).

Now, let’s take a look at the second option, that he has a secret agenda.

I’m leaning far more towards this option, though not totally ruling out there may be a little bit of love interest with Nina.

Offspring has so far described him as a “mysterious and enigmatic” lawyer, which definitely provides the secret-agenda-vibes.


Of course, it's not just me who has spent hours just a little bit of time considering this new guy's role in season six.


One fan believes that he could actually be a secret child of Darcy's (Billie and Jimmy's dad).

"My theory is that the big drama is Darcy has passed away and it's discovered he had another son. Making suit man their new brother...."

It could seem like a feasible option although other conspirators point out this would be TWO secret children/parents in Offspring.

"Although that would make Darcy an a$$ for getting mad at Geraldine when he found out Nina wasn't his biological daughter."

So, if this man was a secret child of Darcy then technically he isn't even Nina's brother, and this does not rule out a relationship between the two of them. But, that could be weird.

Is there a secret brother? Image via Channel 10.

By far, this theory is the most popular with another fan adding, "I thought maybe the dad dies?! Hence, Geraldine saying 'How could he do this to us' and the lawyer reading the will AND the three of them saying 'At least we have each many possibilities..."

No, my investigations are not science. But, like any other die-hard Offspring watcher, I desperately want to know.

Now it's only four days, eight hours, and 40 minutes at 11:49 am.

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