What it's like to be married to a self-titled 'Candyman'.

From AFL player to model to heir of a multi million-dollar tobacco company: The life and times of Travers Beynon is Australia’s answer to Hugh Hefner.

And that’s exactly what Beynon markets himself on – being as far-removed from the average Australian as possible.

By day, Beynon is a husband, father and owner of Tobacco company Free Choice Australia. By night, the self-titled ‘Candyman’ is the owner of the Candy Mansion, a Playboy-like mansion that is home to sometimes hundreds of women there for a good time, not a long time.

Beynon has a wife, a girlfriend, four kids and associations with many-a-model who come and stay at the house.

So how does the dynamic work?

In an interview with Ocean Road Magazine, the Gold Coast based 44-year-old explains exactly how it all works and how his wife handles being around so many women who are consistently enamoured by her husband.

“Why is she with me? It’s simple: Fun is addictive. You can have cars and money and all those things, but that excitement only lasts for so long. We’re all happy here,” he tells journalist Corrine Barraclough when she visits the abode.

Naturally, he tells Barraclough his greatest challenge for him is bedtime. The logistics of organising so many women at once, it seems, one of the pitfalls of being desired by so many. (A certain saying springs to mind…you win some, you lose some?)

“I go to bed and that’s another hurdle. When you’ve got one girl, that’s one thing. When there’s multiple, there’s so much going on in my mind.


“In bed, there’s four girls as an average. I often don’t get much sleep. What I’m like in business, life or sport, I’m like that in bed. They love my imagination and my creativity. You need that when you’ve got multiple girls,” he explains.

For his wife, 26-year-old Taesha Beynon, it’s a reality she’s used to. Her husband’s Instagram has, in the past, featured images of her on all fours, with a leash fastened around her neck as if she was a pet.

“There have always been other girls,” she tells Barraclough. “Sometimes they only live here for a few weeks and then move on. Look at social media, you’ll see so many girls throwing themselves at him. I don’t mind — I’m married to him! He has many girlfriends but only one wife.”

In December, the tobacco tycoon made headlines after one of his annual Candyshop parties resulted in local paramedics responding to six separate calls for assistance between 7:40pm and just after 11pm.

A private medical company was understood to be contracted to assist partygoers at the December party, but needed support from local paramedics frequently throughout the night.

As is the life of a Candyman, it seems.

You can read more of the extensive profile on The Candyman here, and more from Corrine Barraclough here.

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