Meet the world's wealthiest Instagram influencer, who's paid $18,000 for a single post.

While you’re out on a Saturday night and taking photos for Instagram to share with your nearest and dearest, consider this: there are people in the world who get paid thousands to post a photo just like you did. And it’s not you.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

Meet Huda Kattan, a woman who has just been named the wealthiest influencer on Instagram by Hopper HQ, an Instagram scheduling site that estimates she has the ability to earn $18,000 everytime she posts to her 20 million-odd followers.

Kattan is a beauty mogul and Instagram star, with a namesake cosmetics company called Huda Beauty and, according to the New York Times no less, is the “Kim Kardashian West of the beauty influencer economy”.

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The 33-year-old’s charm, it would seem, is the fact she rarely accepts said paid posts, making them all the more valuable when they do happen, and making her far more credible in the eyes of her loyal following.

“As a beauty influencer, I am very picky with the products that I use and I recommend,” she writes on her website. “Honesty is something I never wanted to compromise with as I feel I have a responsibility towards women. To me, beauty is not about how much you spend, but how great and self-confident you feel.”

According to her website, Kattan was working in finance, of what is considered to be the “Wall Street of Dubai”, when she decided to drop it all, travel half way across the world to Los Angeles and study makeup.

In 2010 she started her blog, in 2012 she started her Instagram account and in 2013, her self-titled makeup line was born. It started with a false lashes collection, and later expanded to lip liners, liquid matte lipsticks and an eye shadow palette.

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A sure sign she is no longer an influencer but at the head of bonafide beauty empire – an empire her two sisters help her run – Kattan’s products are sold in Sephora, Kim Kardashian loves her false lashes and some of her products are sold in vending machines.

Oh, and she’s a mum to six-year-old Nour.

According to Hopper HQ, the top three 2017 Influencer Instagram Rich List are:

Huda Kattan – 20.5 million followers – $18,000 per post
Cameron Dallas – 19.8 million followers – $17,000 per post
Jen Selter – 11.3 million followers – $15,000 per post

And the top three 2017 Celebrity Instagram Rich List are:

Selena Gomez – 122 million followers – $550,000 per post
Kim Kardashian – 100 million followers – $500,000 per post
Cristiano Ronaldo – 104 million followers – $400,000 per post

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