Explain to me: Who is Gillian Triggs and what has she done?

Who is Gillian Triggs and why is everyone talking about her this week?

Sometimes, news breaks and gathers momentum with such ferocity that before you know it, there is a hashtag campaign and you barely have time to say “hang on a minute, I don’t quite get this.”

Gillian Triggs has been all over the news this week. The Human Rights Commissioner wrote a report about children in detention that some people didn’t like. And now people want to yell at her/sack her/accuse her of things/bully her/do anything but listen to what she said in the report.

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So why? What did she do? Why is it important? Who is Gillian Triggs? WHY ARE THEY YELLING? WHAT DID SHE DO? And why is everyone hashtagging their tweets #IStandWithGillianTriggs?

For the smart-girls-guide to this this story, listen to the latest episode of the Mamamia Outloud podcast.

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Our Editor in Chief Jamila Rizvi explains in laymans terms who Triggs is, why she is important, who is mad at her and why, the dirt that’s being dug up, and why people are tweeting #IStandWithGillianTriggs.



Professor Gillian Triggs


Think of it like a dummies guide to the issue.  Questions like:

  • Who is Gillian Triggs?
  • What is her job?
  • What did she do?
  • Why is she being accused of bias?
  • What does her personal life have to do with any of this?
  • Should we care?

It’s eight minutes of background that will leave you thinking “Ahhhh. I get it now.” And you can go forth with your hashtag campaigns, your watercooler talk, and your smart girl chit chat.

More: Senator Penny Wong: “The Liberals’ bullying of Gillian Triggs has no place in modern Australia.”

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