Who ever would have guessed Gordon Ramsay was ‘a bit of a bastard’?

I wasn’t going to post about this because it was all so tawdry and tacky but hey, here we go.
As the story of Gordon Ramsay’s mistress has unfolded over the past few days, what has shocked me the most is not the fact he was having affairs. Knock me over with a feather, I’m just not that surprised that he’d cheat.
What has been far more disturbing to me is the mistress. The way she set him up. The way she has spoken about him. And his wife. I’m not suggesting Ramsay was not at fault – he was the married one – but the levels of anger in the mistress are truly frightening.
When I first heard about this story, I thought it all seemed odd how much detail the UK tabloid News Of The World had. And the photos. It could only have come from a very inside source and indeed, they were RIGHT inside. ‘Professional mistress’ Sarah Symon set him up. For cash? Revenge? Both?

Ramsay and mistress Sarah Symon in the shot of him entering her hotel
room that she set up for the newspaper that paid her hundreds of
thousands of pounds……

Now in the interview she’s sold to the paper, she says extraordinary things like:

“I was his confidante – more than a mistress,” she says. “He
even called me his ‘soulmate’.”

“Gordon has his PR team working round the clock, trying desperately to protect
Brand Ramsay and this image of him as the ultimate family man,” she says.
“But he’s a complete hypocrite, and I can’t believe he’s been getting away
with it for so long.

“Not only has he been cheating on Tana with ME but he told me he had another
regular mistress in Denmark.


“He said she is a writer and is married too. They’d met after he’d done a book
signing over there and that they’d had sex after that and continued from

“He also told me he’d had sex with a girl after a Hell’s Kitchen wrap party.
He told me that it was a one-nighter four years ago in LA.

“…………Gordon had called me earlier in November. He said his birthday was coming up
and asked for a special present involving sex,” says Sarah.

They arranged to meet on Thursday, November 13. “While I was waiting for him
in the flat I saw a TV ad of him and his family. It seemed so hypocritical.
I started to see him for what he is—a bit of a bastard.

….Earlier this week newspaper reports had the chef assuring Tana he has only
ever met Sarah four times. But Sarah retorts: “Gordon and I have had sex at
least seven times. We have met up at least 18 times. He’s phoned me hundreds
of times over the last seven years. I’ve lost count of the number of times
we’ve had phone sex.

“If I hadn’t been living in LA and Gordon wasn’t so busy with his restaurants
and TV shows, we would have met for sex a lot more often.” Sarah adds: “His
wife might be able to forgive him a one-off but I am far from a one- off.”

She insists she feels no guilt whatsoever about the affair.“I can’t feel
guilty, I’m single,” she says. “Gordon pursued me NOT the other way
round—and I’m not the one who’s married with four children. But if a wife
can’t keep her husband happy that’s not MY fault.


“I never forced him on top of me. Somebody like Gordon Ramsay doesn’t do
anything he doesn’t want to do. Surely the whole world knows that by now.

“In fact my relationship with Gordon is probably the reason their marriage has
lasted this long. A mistress keeps a marriage going. Period.

“I’m sure that after spending time with me Gordon was able to go home and be a
better father and husband because he was no longer looking for the things
his wife didn’t give him.”

Sarah denies she is a homewrecker who deliberately targets married men. “I’m
not attracted to married men. I’m attracted to successful, charismatic,
high-powered men.

“Unfortunately they’re usually married. But in this case not only has he been
cheating on his wife with me, he’s been cheating on me with another mistress
too. He’s a serial f******g cheat!”

Where do you even start with all that bile? The bit I can’t understand is how she had an affair with this guy for 7 years and then suddenly gets upset that he’s not moral? That he’s ‘a bit of a bastard’? And so she seeks to punish him by exposing him publicly. But in doing that, what has she done to herself?