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We're calling it: Elly is going to pull a Honey Badger during The Bachelorette finale.

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During last night's episode of The Bachelorette, Elly bid a tearful farewell to BEAUTIFUL, LONG-HAIRED, ROCK-LOVING ANGEL Adam. 


She sent the youngest, secret Hemsworth brother home after he completely forgot how to string sentences together during his hometown. 

Adam took it like a true gent and didn't do a shout or a storm off, then Elly broke down in tears as she watched his limo drive away.  

In that moment, people all around Australia started putting their rocks out for Adam and there were calls for the 24-year-old to be our next Bachelor. 

Then, just as we were adjusting to Adam's departure and Elly's upcoming decision, Channel Ten rolled out the promo for tonight's finale. 

In the promo, we see snippets of Elly's last dates with Joe Woodbury and Frazer Neate. She says she can definitely see herself falling in love with "him", but doesn't specify... who. 

Then Osher's voice says there's a "heart-wrenching twist... that no one saw coming" in store for Elly. Meanwhile Elly, dressed in a white gown, gets out of a limo and walks into a room as if she's going in to speak to one of the guys. There's crying in the room. And then she walks back down the hallway crying. 

It's very reminiscent of that time Jarrod Woodgate walked down the beach crying for six years. 



We don't see Elly standing under a floral archway declaring her love for someone, or either of her men walking towards said floral archway. 

That leads me to believe we have a potential Honey Badger situation on our hands, people. 


I believe Elly sent Adam home last night because she had lukewarm feelings for all three guys but didn't want sweet angel Adam to suffer the indignity of being dumped in the finale. 

From there this either plays out one of two ways: 

Option 1: Elly decides she doesn't want her runner-up (Joe) to have to go through the public dumping under the floral archway. So she goes to their accommodation beforehand and breaks the news to them privately. 

Option 2: Realising she doesn't have strong feelings for either Joe or Frazer, Elly decides not to choose anyone at the finale. Instead, she goes to their accommodation and breaks the news to the guys privately. There is no final rose ceremony. THUS SHE PULLS THE MOST DRAMATIC HONEY BADGER SINCE THE ORIGINAL SMALL WEASEL OF 2018. 


Elly, Frazer and Joe go home and resume their separate lives until Elly and Joe both swipe right on each other on Tinder in approximately three months' time. 

Sweet angel Adam continues to love his rocks. 

Perhaps this wholesome and dare I say it - boring - season was just a ploy to throw us off the scent of the biggest Bachelorette plot twist of all time. 



The season finale of The Bachelorette airs on Channel Ten at 7:30pm tonight.