Who are the "seven girlfriends" in boxer and domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather's orbit?

Floyd Mayweather did an interview with a legitimate puppet overnight and revealed he’s “seven deep” on the girlfriend scale.

Don’t worry, I suddenly have a blistering headache too. But stay with me.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather (yes, that is now his official middle name) sat down to speak with YouTube channel Awkward Puppets about – ding ding ding you guessed it – his money, but also his “women”.

“Seven deep. That’s D-E-E-P. Seven deep. Like seven girls,” the retired boxer so eloquently spelled out for those watching at home. “You know, we go out to eat, some of us travel together.”

“You know, having one is too close to having none,” the 40-year-old continued, surely borrowing the quote from Plato or Aristotle.

Mayweather, who has been convicted of bashing women no less than six times, tends to allude to his multiple girlfriends on social media, with pearlers like this:

Ladies love to be spoiled. 10 Hermes Birkin Bags cause I can. #hermes #birkin #tmt #tbe

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(… I’d like to add that ladies love to, you know, not be bashed. Actually, we love not being bashed EVEN MORE than handbags. But I digress.)

Vile boxer aside, the interview does raise one curious question: Who are the seven women currently in Mayweather’s orbit?

While it’s not exactly clear who resides in Mayweather’s 2000-square foot Las Vegas mansion, and some of the seven women still remain a mystery, here’s who we do know about.

Rmarni Ellis

Ellis is a 20-year-old shop assistant from Dudley, England, who was taken around the world by Mayweather in February 2016 after he met her while “partying” in the UK.

???? my mates back ????❤

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The tabloids (purveyors of all things factual and robust) have listed Ellis as one of Mayweather’s girlfriends for about 18 months now.

Yahaira Vianne Ochoa

While Yahaira, a mother and bikini model, is rather private about her life with Mayweather, she regularly shares snaps from his private jet, and has spoken before about being in a multiple-partner relationship.


“[There being so many of us] is why we are so powerful,” Ochoa responded to a follower on Instagram in March.

It’s believed Ochoa and Ellis are now firm friends.

Abigail Clarke

26-year-old Clarke, who first rose to fame in 2013 on The Only Way Is Essex, has reportedly dated Mayweather since they met on her “girls trip” in Las Vegas last year.

Image via Abigail Clarke Twitter.

Ever since, tabloids have hungrily chased information about their secret dates and international getaways, many writing that UK-based Clarke has met Mayweather's children and family.

While neither have ever publicly commented on their relationship, Clarke last posted a photo with Mayweather in August.

Doralie Medina

Doralie Medina - more commonly known as Bad Medina, the name of her cosmetics line - is Mayweather's most publicly acknowledged girlfriend.

The pair have been on-and-off since 2014, so it's not entirely clear where their relationship stands at present, but the masseuse and entrepreneur last spoke about Mayweather earlier this year.

The biggest difference, though? The 34-year-old is really the only love interest Mayweather has ever mentioned on social media.


Happy birthday @badmedina. Enjoy your special day. Everyone follow and wish @badmedina happy birthday.

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So we have four woman, with at least three - understandably - avoiding the microscopic scrutiny that shadows dating a man like Mayweather.

And in that crowded bed of eight, we can only be left with one wish: that all these women are safe from harm.

If you or a loved one is a victim of domestic violence, Mamamia urges you to contact 1800 RESPECT.

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