Whitney Port won't have sex during her pregnancy—and totally we get why.

Author and television personality Whitney Port is not having sex during her pregnancy for a reason with which we can certainly empathize.

She no longer feels comfortable in her changing body.

Speaking to podcast The LadyGang, the mum-to-be said her body confidence is at an all-time low and because of this, she’s stopped having sex with her husband, producer Tim Rosenman.

“It’s so not for me,” The Hills star reportedly said. “I feel so uncomfortable with my body that I can’t get into the mood. I can’t feel sexy.”

Port, 32, said it was around the time her baby belly began to show that her body confidence diminished.

Since then, she has stopped having sex and started covering up in front of Roseman, her partner since 2012, and husband since 2015.


When asked by the podcast hosts if Roseman finds her pregnant body sexy, Port replied: “No, because I don’t.”

“I think if I was one of those pregnant women that loved it and was confident, then he’d be into it,” she said. “I think I’ve turned him off of it because I’m like, ‘Don’t look!'”

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Port announced her pregnancy with an Instagram post in February.

Throughout the process, the first-time mum has been extremely honest about the experience, hosting a YouTube series called I love my baby, but hate my pregnancy

The couple doesn’t yet know if they’re expecting a boy or a girl.