White Ribbon Australia's night in to get the word out



White Ribbon Australia has launched a new and exciting annual event to help raise funds and awareness to end men’s violence against women – White Ribbon Night. On 26 July, all Australians are asked to have a night in to get the word out about the seriousness of the issue of violence against women in Australia.

The announcement of this new fundraising initiative comes as White Ribbon Australia celebrates its 10th year as the nation’s only male-led campaign to end men’s violence against women.

White Ribbon Australia CEO, Libby Davies explained the concept behind the mid-year campaign as one that all Australians will be able to relate to and engage with to raise vital funds needed to expand primary prevention.

“We all like to think that our family, our friends, our neighbours and ourselves are safe at home. Most of us would believe this to be a basic human right and would be outraged if it were taken from us. But sadly, for many this is not always the case,” Libby said.

“In Australia, at least one woman is killed every week by a former or current partner. And one in four young Australians has witnessed violence against their mothers.


“On 26 July, you can help end this violence by having a night in to get the word out about the seriousness of the issue of men’s violence against women in Australia. You can invite two people or 2,000 to your dinner party, barbecue, movie night, game-a-thon, or just watch the footy … The possibilities are endless.”

White Ribbon Australia Chairman, Ken Gillespie urged men and women around Australia, as well as workplaces and organisations, to get involved by registering their White Ribbon Night event at Organisers and attendees are then encouraged to make tax deductible donations.

“All funds raised will support the primary prevention work of the White Ribbon Campaign, which aims to change attitudes and behaviours that lead to and perpetuate men’s violence against women,” Ken said.

“Your participation will also mean a lot to those who experience men’s violence. Our hope is that communities across Australia will unite on 26 July in support of bringing an end to men’s violence against women.”

Event organisers will be emailed a fun pack, jam-packed with activity suggestions and resources, including family-friendly games, plus a donation link that can be sent to friends and family to support their White Ribbon Night event.

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