Ten things that are more diverse than Labor's 'Australia First' ad.

If you tuned into the Channel Nine news last night – or logged onto Twitter today – you might have caught a whiff of Labor’s new stinker of an advertising campaign.

In it, Bill Shorten promises to “put Australians first” when it comes to jobs and procurement and stands next to a group of Aussies who are, look, they’re almost all white.

I mean, look closely — there’s definitely one Asian woman…

You can watch Bill Shorten’s response to the ad here. (Post continues after video.)

The ad has been rightly panned and pulled for ignoring the magic of multiculturalism, with the opposition leader now apologising for the “bad oversight”.

I mean, fair cop, sure.

Anyway, we’re here to help and came up with some places the Shorten team could learn a thing or two about diversity.

1. The first season of The Bachelorette.

2. The Oscars.

Source: Twitter/Ellen Degeneres

3. Donald Trump's cabinet.

4. Malcolm Turnbull's cabinet.

Source: Getty

5. Gilmore Girls.

Source: WB

6. The Victoria's Secret fashion show.

Source: Getty

7. The BRW Rich List.

Source: Facebook

8. Twilight.

Twilight. Image via Facebook.

9.  A Taylor Swift concert.

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10. Girls.

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He might be better off just doing a quick Google search of Census data, which will tell him almost a quarter of the Australian population was born overseas.

Sure, a lot of those come from the United Kingdom and New Zealand, but a growing number come from China, India and Vietnam.

It's also worth noting nearly half of Australians have a parent born overseas, 20 per cent of us speak a language other than English at home, and the vast majority of us support multiculturalism.

And let's not forget Indigenous Australians who were here tens of thousands of years before this ill-conceived ad came to be, and yet were somehow better represented in the latest lamb commercial.

It's something to chew on, anyway.