The cutest koala joey was just born and she needs your help to give her the perfect name.

In breaking baby animal news, Australia Zoo has welcomed a rare white koala joey and it’s just about the cutest little thing we have ever seen.

The little joey “popped out of her mum’s pouch” earlier in August and is one of 12 koala joeys to be born at the Queensland zoo this month.

The baby is the first ever white koala joey to be born at the zoo, and while she isn’t albino, her white fur is extremely rare.


The recessive gene – inherited from mum Tia who has given birth to pale koalas in the past – is known as the “silvering gene”. The white fur will eventually shed and the “regular” adult koala colouration will come through, wildlife hospital director Rosie Booth told Sky News.

As unique as she is, it also helps that she is extremely adorable.

Apologies if you or someone you know just welcomed a baby into the world. Well done. I’m sure that tiny human is very cute but seriously, LOOK AT HER FACE:


There's just one problem: baby girl koala is yet to be given a name and the zoo is asking for the public's help.

Tourism Australia has put out a call-out on Facebook for suggestions as to what the white koala should be named.

"Elsa after the Disney princess," one woman suggested, adding "the children will relate to that name".

This little gal needs your help to find her perfect name. Image via Facebook.

Another suggested the joey be named after Game of Thrones heroine Daenerys Targaryen.

"They have the same colour hair and are both beautiful," the person wrote.

Others said the little girl should be given a traditional Aboriginal name to reflect her Australian heritage.

Suggestions included Kadla, which translates to sweet, Endota, meaning beautiful and Baringa, meaning 'dawn' or 'light'.

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