A photo of two twins and their mum that's confusing the internet.

Not since “The Dress” has the Internet been this stumped.

(Although there was that photo of the bus that threw us for a few minutes last week…)

A photo posted to Twitter by a high school student has sent social media into a spin.

Just who on earth is the mum?

(The one with the watch in the backseat right??)

Kaylan Mahomes, 16, a high school student in Indianapolis in the US, tweeted a selfie of her and her twin, Kyla, and their mum on the way home from school last week. The pic, re-tweeted by friends of the twins, quickly shot to viral fame as social media asked each other who is who?

More than 32,000 have now re-tweeted the pic and interest in the women has seen media inquiries right across the world as the trio refused to initially answer the question burning on everyone’s keyboard.


The family who told media they’re mistaken for triplets “all the time” teased us all with a second clue on a newly created Instagram account.

When your mom thinks it’s a #whosthemom ?????

A video posted by #momtwin&me ???? (@momtwinandme) on


“Even people who I know personally still don’t know who’s the mommy,” Kaylan told local media HLN.

After the world spent a sleepless, stressful weekend analysing exactly which one was the mother, the trio decided to let us all log off and revealed that the twin’s mum, Tina Mahomes, appears to the far left in the photo in the black jacket.

The 35-year-old mother says she maintains her “youthful” look by “drinking a lot of water, avoiding stress, and focusing on emotional inner beauty.”

I knew it was that one didn’t you?