Which foundation brush suits you and your makeup?

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There are so many brushes, sponges and miracle foundation applicators out there it is impossible to know what to buy.. Some claim ‘flawless skin’, some ‘easy application’, others are simply ‘the best’ …

So are any of them worth the hype. And if so, which one suits your skin and your type of foundation?

If you use liquid foundation…

The flat foundation brush

This brush is best for a light coverage. Use gentle strokes to create an even coverage and you can easily build the product up in certain areas if needed, but be careful not to leave brush strokes on your face though.

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The dual fibre brush

Remember those lines I told you about? This will get rid of them. Use this brush in circular motions to gently buff the foundation into skin for a natural look. This is great for light to medium coverage.

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If you use heavy liquids and creams...

The sculpting foundation brush

This brush really pushes the foundation into the skin, and is great for medium to heavy coverage foundations to create a flawless finish. Use circular movements and really buff the product into the skin for the best results.

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If you use cream foundation...

The flat edge brush

This brush is great to contour with. Use right to left motions on an angle to get the perfect finish. For an all over foundation coverage use gentle strokes all over the face, the light and fluffy hairs softly and evenly apply the foundation. It's great for light to medium coverage but also evens out the top layer of a heavy coverage foundation.

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If you use powder foundation...

The Kabuki brush

This is the perfect brush for powder foundation - use big circular movements all over the face for an even coverage.

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If the thought of using a brush frightens you...

If you use liquid or cream foundations, and love a sponge applicator (or your own fingers) this will change your life. It gives a flawless finish and is so easy to use, just dab and press the foundation into the skin and wipe over any areas that need smoothing out or extra attention.

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What's your favourite brush set? Click through out gallery to find some of the hottest brush sets out now and for every price budget!