The former Neighbours star who is demanding to be rehired.

Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy




1. This actress really wants to move back to Ramsey Street…

Former Ramsey Street resident Kym Valentine is reportedly suing the show’s producers for alleged sex and disability discrimination.

Fairfax is reporting that Valentine, who played Libby Kennedy on Neighbours between 2004 and 2011, suffered a number of health problems during her time on the show, including a collapsed lung while travelling and a blood clot. She is also believed to have been suffereing from a depressive illness. She took time off for illness at different stages, with Michala Banas even having to take over the role of Libby for a short stint in 2009.

Her contract expired in 2011 and she hasn’t returned to the show since.

Valentine is seeking compensation for lost wages and she is demanding that she be rehired in the role of Libby. Which, let’s be honest, would be kind of awkward.

And will Billy be coming back too?

2. In news to strike dread in Prince William‘s heart, Prince Harry has told reporters that his mission is to make sure little Prince George “has fun.” Details here. Plus, if this “age progression” portrait of Prince George as a teen is anything to go by… those two are going to spell TROUBLE together.

3. Whoopi and Barbara throw down on The View.

Barbara Walters is really excited about the Royal Baby. Whoopi Goldberg is not. Things get tense:

4. Kylie Minogue made her butt world famous in the video for Spinning Around. Thirteen years later she’s flashed it again and it’s still AMAZING. Click here to see her pervy Instagram selfie.

5. Say whaaaaaa? Tom and Nicole’s kids are all grown up.

Connor Cruise, 18, just posted these photos on Instagram of him and sister Isabella, 20. 18 and 20!?! When did THAT happen?


And today:

6. David Beckham has stripped off – and interviewed himself! – in an ad for his David Beckham Classic fragrance. Click here to see it.


7. Taylor Swift’s biggest fan is a 39-year-old man!

Well, not really. But, a Boston man has been awarded that very title.

39-year-old Charles was named Taylor Swift’s ‘biggest fan’ after he and his friends rigged an online competition being held by their local radio station. But, alas, the radio station cottoned on to their use of an automated script to hack the online voting system, and Charles was stripped of his title, which included a backstage pass to meet Swift at her concert.

No word yet on whether a 16-year-old Swiftie has rightfully regained the title.

8. Josh Duhamel is planning on joining the push present brigade when Fergie gives birth. Details here.



9. Ever wondered how comedians manage to not laugh at their own jokes?

The answer is: they don’t. This video montage of comedians losing their cool proves that even the world’s funniest people are only human. Watch the video to see big names like Bill Murray, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon crack under the comedy pressure: