The top 5 places for single ladies to meet a potential partner in 2018.

One of the most common questions thrown at any couple is: So, where did you meet? 

And, for the single woman who might, perhaps, prefer to not be single anymore, the answer is very important.

Louanne Ward, one of Australia’s leading dating and relationship coaches, has identified five of the most surprising places to find romance in the new year.

She advises that single women put down the online dating apps, and step outside their comfort zones.

Here are her top five tips:

  1. Hit the gym

Ward says the gym is the perfect opportunity to, “focus on your own health and well being and mix with people that share a common interest.”

Gyms see a massive spike at the beginning of the year, with many pursuing fitness goals, so they are an ideal place to mingle.

     2. The movies

It’s award season, so pretty much every movie out at the moment is bloody brilliant.

Ward suggests you head in early and get either a coffee or a glass of wine, and “open yourself up to chatting to people around you.”

She adds, “plenty of romances have started by an accidental meeting at the Candy Bar or by a pre-film discussion with the stranger in the next seat.”

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      3. The beach

There’s a physiological reason why the beach might just be the perfect place to meet a new partner.

The beach generally makes people feel particuarly happy and relaxed, and Ward says the refreshing water, “awakens the senses and releases dopamine in the brain making people naturally more approachable and receptive.”


      4. A cafe

Ward has a strategy when it comes to meeting someone at your local coffee shop.


She suggests you pick a specific time, and become a regular. That way, you’ll become familiar with the people around at the same time.

Strike up a conversation with anyone you think looks interesting, and see where it leads.

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    5. Social media

Ah. Couldn't ignore the online world altogether, unfortunately.

"Keep an eye out for people who comment or engage on topics that really interest you or for posts that you find interesting," Ward suggests. Don't discount meeting someone special on Instagram or Facebook - even if it begins as a simple friendship.

You never know where it could lead.

Louanne Ward is a professional matchmaker with more than 20 years experience, and thousands of successful matches. You can learn more at her website