CULT BUY: The snuggly, woolly ugg boots that will keep your tootsies warm all through winter.

Dear ugg boots,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been treating you like the unsung heroes that you are.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t see that you were the woolly, snuggly, foot warmer-uppers that I’ve been in desperate need of all my life.

For far too long I’ve been relegating you to a bargain bin purchase. Something I didn’t need to invest in, when I really should have been treating you like the glorious foot-pampering woolly mammoths that you are.

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For years, I would just buy a cheap version of you, chucking you in my trolley as an afterthought. Then I would throw you into the dustiest crevices of my wardrobe, only pulling you out in the colder months.

You would come out the other end of winter a dishevelled, smelly mess. So I would throw you out and buy another cheap version of you the next year.

You were always a fling for me, never a lasting relationship.

Then I discovered OZWEAR uggs and holy heck, it was love at first sight.

You, OZWEAR uggs, are the snuggly foot lovers I’ve been searching for all my life.

Your outside is made of charcoal finest grade leather, so you’re not going to go a weird patchy browny-grey colour by the end of winter.

You’re lined with genuine twin faced Australian sheep skin – so you’ll keep my tootsies warm all this winter… and for many winters to come.

Your fancy thermostatic qualities means my feet will be warm, but I’ll never sweat. So goodbye, stinky end of winter uggs.


Your size range is amazing – my size 11 wide foot, is perfectly snug in the size men’s 9/women’s 11.

You’re incredibly comfy, every time I put you on it’s like getting a hug from a warm, boot-shaped sheep… who is not creepy at all.

I love you. 

The best bit? Because you're super fancy and full of woolly goodness you retail for $259 but you're on sale on right now for just $89.99.

Yep, you're a woolly-good bargain.

So, ugg boots, I'm sorry.

I'm now totally bloody in love with you.

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